Roses, Soup and Venice.

Mon 27th, Nov, 2017

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mini squash recipe

Well, here we are…what’s new?   Well for me I am steadfastly refusing to go anywhere near the Christmas train, like anywhere near.  Sorry (not) if one sounds like a bah humbug but crikey some of the squares on my instagram feed are recommending images to me of homes beamed in from the other side of the world completely decked (and I mean like DECKED) to the eyeballs…one was even a video in a totally white house complete with Bing Crosby playing and all the presents wrapped and ready to go.  And as I look down to the calendar app underneath this post it’s still very much November.

Anyway, so with that clear that I am not even thinking of Christmas (though I am very much thinking of Winter – hello trip to Venice coming up very soon and very much hoping for some white stuff when we’re there) we’ve been slowly getting around to doing some updates in the house and getting the garden back to presentable…you see over the Winter here it didn’t really rain for something like 90 days and there was a woman who normally does all the gardening and things like watering who was working full time and often weekends too, who stopped doing things like weeding and gardening and watering and so lots of things died.

I did point out when asked why there were no herbs in the garden for a particular dinner one day that, like money, herbs do not grow on trees.  So, now that I am back in the driving seat of the Herb Department we have, just planted, lots of Parsley (my fave), Rosemary (yes unbelievably that did not survive the drought), Basil, Sage, Lemon Grass and a few others that I forget.

There is one bed that is thriving since I have been again watering it and surprisingly the hydrangeas, English roses and lavender in there are on a big roll (the roses smell amazing too) and even the frangipani I hacked to within an inch of its life is blooming.

What else?  Oh yes soup.  Anyone who has followed along here for a while will know I love soup…one pot, super healthy and mostly just easy and homey.   There’s nothing like having a big pot of soup on the go when one is feeling particularly crap about just about everything.

I’ve been making soup for years and years and rarely have found any that cut the mustard from a can…I had someone recently quite incredulously ask me if I really made soup and she thought it only came from Heinz…yes, true.

I have to say though the main reason I have been making it over the last few weeks is firstly a glut of cookery books from the library spurred me on and secondly I have been wanting the Growth of the Muffin Top to slow down somewhat and thought also, it might help in the tiredness.  I am happy to report success in both areas.

This one is a really easy recipe I pulled off the internet and then tinkered with…it’s no rocket science to make soup…yes harder than opening a can and dumping it in a saucepan, but really not a whole lot more effort or brain power is required and with much better results.

Yellow Squash Soup Recipe

2 large onions chopped

1 large leek chopped

12 mini squash chopped

1 carton ready made stock

3 cloves garlic

lug of vinegar

salt and pepper

juice and grated peel 1 lemon

*optional a few lugs of hot sauce (I like Frank’s)

1. saute onions and garlic in butter until soft, add leek and soften

2. add mini squash to soften

3. add stock, lemon, salt and pepper

*simmer for at least half an hour (I leave it on for hours), zap with a hand stick blender or pop in the blender

*serve with lots of cheese (cheddar, parmesan mix goes down well) and French bread

(I basically just do all that, taste and tweak…I really throw it all in, my husband has a real problem with that and likes exact quantities…)

I’m lucky enough to have one of those greengrocer’s nearby which stocks a quite large line of produce that is ‘not perfect’…as in the stuff that doesn’t make it into the supermarkets because it’s an odd shape or whatever…I love this because the veg looks like the vegetables I vaguely remember from the old days where the shape and look was not uniform (remember those days?) and also it’s dirt cheap…I think the squash I bought for this soup cost about $1.50.

One dollar fifty to reduce the size of one’s muffin top?

Give me that over a healthy ‘mummy’ shake (what even is one of those?) full of things made in a warehouse, any day of the week.



mini squash recipe

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3 Responses to “Roses, Soup and Venice.”

  1. alison says:

    I hear you on all those topics!! Well said.
    Just want to tell you as I know you will feel my joy. Mr alison planted a new passion fruit vine last year. (So many sad white cockatoo stories to tell but I won’t.) Our current vine has 80-90 passion fruit on it!!! Mr alison constructed a “cage” over it a couple of months ago to keep the possums off. Success at last.

  2. Mary says:

    Amen to holding onto November. While I love December and all that it brings, let’s not rush it.