beach cottage new year goodness

Tue 19th, Jan, 2016

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salad recipe easy

When I was planning and doing my list of goals here the other day, one that came up which seems to be a bit of a theme for me is healthier lunches and snacks – I’ve always struggled with it, always, I guess, been on the run and always then because of that, stuff in something quick.  Dinners have pretty much always been sorted, because I don’t like processed food and so have always (save the odd frozen pizza and ikea meatball meal) just made things from scratch (mostly by way of throwing in the oven or the slow cooker).  Lunches I always struggle with and I think it’s the best time to get a load of healthy stuff in if you can.

One way of getting around this, is veggie smoothies (I snap chatted a smoothie I made yesterday – username ‘abeachcottage’ if you want to follow), I like to make up a batch by filling the blender with fruit and veg, adding some liquid, blitzing it and then popping in to mason jars with the plastic screw lids (these things are fab) and then they can stay in the fridge for a few days.

So, anyway, the salad above is the goal for lunches and this is one I made following the theme of layering things up in a salad.

Start with a green, shred/slice a few other veggies, add a sweet thing (cherry toms & blueberries in this one), use some herbs (parsley, i love it), pop on some protein (goat’s cheese), sprinkle something interesting on for crunch and a bit of flavour and then dress with oil and lemon or vinegar.

Very easy and very tasty and, quite unbelievably, I was not trying to eat a Bentwood chair and hour later – it was fulfilling enough to take me through to mid-arvo.

I’m off to the supermarket today and will be stocking up on lots of other lovely fresh veggies and bits to go on top – I didn’t make it yesterday, I did walk down to the beach and may have ended up in the pub watching the sun go down with husband and oldest son.

Adieu for now


salad recipe easy


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4 Responses to “beach cottage new year goodness”

  1. Alfred Abigail says:

    HI, I completely read your post and found it very useful. Great Post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. jaime says:

    Your salad looks too pretty to eat! ;-D

  3. Aloma Foggo says:

    Your salad looks beautiful…and those lovely vegs…

  4. merilyn says:

    way to go! thanks sarah!
    i’m into fresh and uncooked as much as possible!
    suits me! … healthy and pretty as a picture!
    it’s fish and salad tonight for us!
    much love m:)X