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Thu 30th, Jul, 2015

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Helloooooooo, how are you all?  Am surviving craziness of orange-filled dwelling, no water except from the shower taps and pretty much a lot of dust and noise…

As promised a few of the things going in the kitchen – I’m going for at least three pendant lights in the kitchen – two (poss three) over the main kitchen working area and this one over the dining area (table)…I am also on the lookout for more clampy lamps similar to the one I blogged about recently (will be clamping them here and there but in somewhat uniform fashion)… so far haven’t seen any anywhere in the right colour/style except for the ones already mentioned from the Swedish Boutique.  As also previously mentioned am trying to not spend cash in there because of too many incidences of the price gouging in Aus (the principle of it) but right now it’s giving me the only really Clampy Lamp offering in this sweet land, so all is fair in love an war and may have to get them from there.



There’s no surprise in my choice of the subway tiling I don’t think.   Have been lusting for too many years on Pinterest for this and loved it in previous bathroom…have gone for the bevelled edge (prefer to plain) in strong white (classic) and same will go for grouting (not dabbling in grey or any other colour).


The tap was limited by a few things, I wanted a goose neck with a straight top similar to this one (but not this one), but those I liked mostly did not have a long enough plumbing thingy (technical) and the one second in line was $3599 (thought would rather not spend three thousand dollars on a tap as have very nice leather tote in mind for upcoming birthday).

And that is where we are at.   The bath is on its way (cannot wait for that claw-foot baby), so is all the other stuff for the bathroom – the good thing about liking a classic look to go with the era of the house is that there is not much choice (everything is high tech and modern) so it was pretty easy to choose…next up I need tiles for the bathroom, going to go for a hexagonal mosaic on the floor I think.

See you soon, I made my first hand-tied posy at floristry (my that’s a whole lot harder than it looks!), hoping to get some time to take some pics before they shrivel up and die.

Adios beach cottage ladies.







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5 Responses to “kitchen supplies”

  1. Dani says:

    Sarah, your choices are beautiful as always, I would like everything and for me the same with the classic look instead of hypermodern;-)
    The tap you show doesn`t work because of technical causes? I would like this one very much, also because you can use it with one hand and it looks beautiful.
    Thank you for your inspirations, love them so much and try to install one or the other thing here in our cottage (old chalet near the lake).
    xoxo from Switzerland

    • Sarah says:

      thanks Dani, very kind xxxxx

    • Tee says:

      Wow Dani, your home sounds beautiful, old chalet near the lake, in Switzerland, what a lovely place to be renovating :) all the best and hugs from Tee x(Sydney, Australia)

  2. Tee says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Absolutely love your pendant light. It is gorgeous. I am hoping to have two similar design over the bench top in our kitchen when we we do it. Love the tap and I hear you when you say it is good thing that there is less choice for classical pieces, as it certainly makes choosing so much easier. I hate having too many choices, much easier if one stands out. Imagine over $3000 just for a tap, that is crazy huh. I think yours looks great and will work perfectly for the look. Sounds like your florist course is going well, you already put flowers together so nicely, and make it all look lovely and natural, as if they belong in whatever vessel you plonk them in. You naturally have the eye for such things.
    Enjoy your renovating, and planning, planning, Thanks for sharing, hugs Tee x