Sitting Room Before Beach Cottage Two

Mon 9th, Feb, 2015

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a beach cottage sitting room fireplace

Good Monday morning to you beach cottage friends, I am back from my walk this morning after a busy weekend of DIY fixer-upper house renovation stuff, oh and dancing, we are on week 5 of our dancing lessons, I am not sure what to say on them really just that I really like the shoes ;)

a beach cottage sitting room

To be quite honest Mr BC and I are pretty tired, it’s been over a month now of full on work, alongside, umm, actual, you know, business work and that other small thing in the equation of our life, namely three children (some of whom are not so little anymore) who are at the stage of life where everything is busy and it seems large…I often get asked how I do it all, I never know the answer to that…my brain at the moment seems to be bursting…I think that like when you have a newborn you just get your head down and do it and don’t think about it…this reno we’ve taken on feels a bit like that…only worse ;)

So anyhow enough of my whining, am going to suck it up and pull on big girl’s tummy sucker inner pants and get on with it.   These are the before shots of the sitting room – again nothing too awful, but in real life just really quite grim and yellowy creamy paint and just feeling tired and needing something, anything to give it some life.  The Shifty Solicitor (pls feel free to omit that ‘f’ if you like) I have come to the conclusion had a penchant for colours on the spectrum that ahem are not on the same planet as me – rust red on the fireplace not doing it for me ladies.

This room would originally have been a small dining room we think as it comes off of the kitchen and the hallway – straight away when I first saw it I thought it lent itself more to a second sitting area…the kitchen is big enough for a small table (I shared that the other day here if you missed it and yup I’ve now painted it and it’s looking good, pics on the way) and also the family room is big enough for a dining table so this room will be a sitting room…

Both of the living areas have fireplaces and we have had the chimneys checked and they are good to be used as real fires…so we are going to install a wood burning heater in the family room and probably another one of those in here too…maybe not depending on how good the first one goes…I love real fires and although the Winter is short and sweet here in Sydney it still does get chilly in the evenings so I think a fire would be really nice…

a beach cottage sitting room ceiling

A lot of woodwork in here and hence a lot of cutting in and prep – all the wood needed filling and sanding and priming…I went for the same grey in here as the family room (blogged some of the after pics of that here, though it’s not foofed yet)….below after the first coat…

a beach cottage sitting room after grey paint

This week we are hoping to get the deck oiled (avoiding the fiasco we had last time with the deck that went blue) and we are starting to plan the new bathrooms, which is a much bigger job than painting as it involves plans and councils and planning permission and 100 yr old walls being knocked out.  Super fun.

It’s going to be one of those busy weeks on the family front too, you know those weeks right – I am planning my walks, dinners in the crock pot, green smoothies and mental health space aka yoga classes to keep all the balls in the air, otherwise there is going to be one woman with upper arms in a heap in the corner muttering things about builders and painting and how her brain seems to run out of space…

Over and out.



p.s. you can find all the Beach Cottage Two posts, befores/afters etc over here xx

(before shot below)

a beach cottage sitting room before photos

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7 Responses to “Sitting Room Before Beach Cottage Two”

  1. Rukmini Roy says:

    Way cool. It’s starting to look a lot like BCII :)

  2. alison says:


  3. Karen allan says:

    The grey is a massive improvement, v fresh and clean. And you’ll love the wood burning stoves, take it from a girl who lives in the north of Scotland who knows that even aussie winters can get chilly! x

  4. merilyn says:

    shoes a reason to go dancing, for sure sarah;)
    I used to have a corner fireplace like that!
    it’s all coming along swimmingly say what! lol m:)X
    I think that means … “just keep swimming!” x

  5. Mary P says:

    Your rooms look so nice and bright with the new paint color and all the sunlight coming through the big windows. Don’t get discouraged and make sure you take time for yourself so you don’t get too stressed.

  6. Neen says:

    Phew ! Neen;)