coastal style

Wed 29th, Jan, 2014

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Some coastal style from my sitting room - soft puffy very old and loved sofas, gathered vintage mirrors, an old sea trunk and a lantern – bits and bobs that make me smile while zooming around with my Dettol.


I have to laugh, this old cottage has never been so clean or tidy, no worries ladies it won’t last much longer as we all heal and mend and recuperate!  As you can see, Barley has been taking full advantage of the recuperating and quiet days here…I really do love his life…


My groove is coming back and I have to tell you my kitchen is wearing a new vintage dresser in white, in the middle of all of this we had a new fridge delivered as part of a mini update makeover that we were right in the middle of before the accident – we had come to the conclusion that before we decide what to do with the kitchen after we knocked that wall down that we would foof it up a bit, that had all started when we got the call…so on days when we couldn’t leave the house but actually it was very quiet and there was not much to do, not only was I Dettoling this room here to within an inch of its life, I took therapy in painting a vintage dresser to add to the kitchen…hoping to show you it soon…and the kitchen makeover in total when it’s finished, I have to wait until I can go out to get the rest of the bits though.


Anyhoo I am off, I feel like I have been in a vortex but today well it lifted a bit…

I’m feeling a bit better and so is my kiddo and it feels so so so good to say that…





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49 Responses to “coastal style”

  1. Robyn says:

    Happy to hear that Sarah…thinking of you and your family

    • Anonymous says:

      So pleased you are feeling happier and that your little one is improving, wonderful news
      Sending love to you all from England xx

  2. Jill says:

    And that Sarah put a smile on my face. Wishing you sparks of love
    and light. x

  3. Jenna says:

    So glad to hear things are looking up!

  4. Nanci says:

    That is wonderful news Sarah your child is doing better ! LoVin your photos of your loVely beach cottage and looking forward to your kitchen makeover .. Thank you again for keeping us updated .. Thinking about you and your family everyday . May each day bring new light and healing to all of you . God Bless, loVe and Hugs .

  5. Sharyn says:

    So happy that your spirits are lifted a little today and that your precious one is also feeling a little better. Hugs and prayers that it continues in softly for you. :)

  6. Fan-flippin-tas-tic!! And the icing on the cake is Barley’s little eyes following you in every pic! xxx

  7. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah, thrilled to hear that you are feeling more positive today and also that you kiddo is feeling a little better. I’m sure that it is your amazing house that has had a big part to play in the emotional healing of your family. A safe place where you can be to just be yourselfs and come to terms with what has happened and what this now means for your family. Lots of hugs and kisses comming to you all.

  8. Rukmini Roy says:

    You be chillin woman! I knew the smile’d be back in no time :)

  9. andrea frost says:

    Fab News Sarah..
    I have to say when i am stressed I tend to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN…
    I thought i was the only woman on this planet who kind of did this..
    So very glad you are the same..!~~
    How does Barls go with the Dettol??
    Sooty couldn’t give a too/or is it TWO?? whoots whether i dettol..rub dencorub…bloody tea tree oil on my “aching joints”!!~~
    anyway…all is sounding much more positive from you Sarah which i like to hear..!~

    xx me & as I call him…”the sootman”…

  10. Trish says:

    That’s great to hear Sarah xoxo keep positive, try and keep moving forward

  11. Debbi says:

    So glad for you that your feeling more positive and also your son is feeling a lot better. Like everyone else, been thinking about you and your family and hoping and praying that things would turn a corner for you all xxx

  12. Tiff says:

    :D So good to hear your child & your heart (intertwined as they are) are feeling better xx

  13. Kerrie says:

    So happy to hear that the days are getting better. Your living room looks cozy. Look forward to seeing the kitchen mini reno. Xxo

  14. BabyMacBeth says:

    SO good to hear Sarah. I hope it keeps lifting every day forward. Have been thinking of you all often xxx

  15. Jodie aka Mummaducka says:

    So pleased that you are slipping into your new normal so well. It sounds as if you are ‘over the hump’ it may get a bit bumpy again, but you will be stronger from this to cope with anything. Xx

  16. Anita says:

    and it is so so so good to hear that you and your kid are doing better now! Hang in there you all.
    (and I love your beach style room!)
    Love, Anita

  17. merilyn says:

    glad to hear that things are improving for your child and therefore you!
    your room has a lovely feel to it and nurse barls tops the lot! he is just adorable! … best medicine! … he would be helping in the healing process.
    I always look out for him sleeping here and there and watching that ball! …
    just look at him and one feels warm fuzzies! lol m:)X

  18. Selby says:

    So glad to hear you’ve had a little lift:)
    Barley looks so very content on your sofa there!
    Keeping you in my prayers & thoughts.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous news.:)
    Lovely photos and cottage update.

  20. Gina says:

    So great to hear everyone is doing better. Been thinking and praying daily for you all since I first heard of the accident.

  21. Shirley Riley says:

    So in the US I am not sure what dettolling is?
    I love your cottage. We live on the backwaters of the Tennessee River in a cottage, but my heart longs for beach.

  22. Nancy says:

    So happy to hear your lightened heart.
    It’s the law of attraction at work. Positive thoughts attract positive outcome.

  23. jody says:

    It is wonderful to hear your ‘kiddo’ i s better, and you too! music to my ears! lifting you up in prayer. i am so glad you have your beautiful home to rest in and enjoy. xo jody/fl

  24. Diana says:

    Happy for the upturn in mood!!! I am sure the beach excursion helped!! One day at a time and just BREATHE!!!!

  25. Dawn says:

    What a beautiful space, I love the color choices :)

  26. So happy to hear things are looking up! Praying everyday! Love you friend!

  27. Claudia Díaz says:

    “I’m feeling a bit better and so is my kiddo “. This is the best part!!!! Love it!

  28. Lassiegirl says:

    Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on the healing progress. So very glad things are getting better, especially that the kiddo is feeling better! That’s like a present for my birthday (it’s the 29th still here in Oklahoma, USA) which is today, my 44th. Will keep praying.

  29. Deb from Maine says:

    Sarah: I’m glad things are looking up for you and your family. Keep on keeping on! I can’t wait for the pictures of the kitchen, the new bureau, and I want to see your new fridge as I am trying to decide what I want to get when I replace mine this year. You are still the same lovely Sarah, and I’m glad the fog is lifting!

  30. Sandie says:

    Sometimes the very best thing when life is spinning out of control, is to find something simple and basic.
    Like cleaning or painting. Glad to hear today is a good one.

  31. Susan says:

    Hooray! It is so lovely and I am glad that you and kiddo are feeling better.

    Many hugs from snowy Colorado…where they lied to me as there is no way that it is going to be close to 60 today!.

  32. Susan says:

    Love to you and your kiddo.

  33. Mumofsix says:

    Hooray! That is the best news xx

  34. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m so happy to hear your kiddo is starting to feel better. I know that does your mother’s heart good!

    I continue to send healing thoughts to your family as I am sure you still have a long road ahead of you. At least things are starting to seem brighter, at least it seems that way from your recent posts.


  35. Jeanette Witt says:

    Thank you for keeping us up to date with how your life is going regarding your sons accident, I think of you and he often, it sounds as if all is now going well.I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers .xx

  36. Sarah says:

    That’s great! Can’t wait to see the kichen! Stay well! xo

  37. Beth says:

    Best news yet about your child! You are more than sweet to your many readers keep blogging when you are able to. Hugs from snowy Connecticut to you and your family in beautiful Australia.

  38. Raelene says:

    Adding you all to my prayer list for healing, peace, strength, and courage!


  39. Tania says:

    So very glad to hear that you are slowly slowly slowly starting to feel better. I just wanted to let you know that whilst I’ve been reading some posts on your blog tonight, I’ve been ‘redirected’ about 3 times to the apple App Store for the game War Craft. Bizarre, & don’t know if it’s just me, but wanted to let you know in case it’s a glitch with your blog.

  40. Smaggle says:

    You sound much more like your old self! Glad to hear things are looking up my love. x

  41. Neen says:

    Yay, a little better is great,……sea breeze…..sunshine……. and dettol !!!!
    Have always luuuuurved your mirror wall, I have just added to mine;)
    Sending you healing thoughts, Neen ;)

  42. I just found out what you’ve been going through and my heart goes out to you and your family. Just keep remembering that nothing is impossible for God. Our bodies are miraculous in their ability to heal. All things are possible. Just keep repeating that.

    You are all in my prayers xoxox

  43. Linda Carroll says:

    Happy to hear things are going so well! So enjoy your posts.

  44. Anonymous says:

    As I have been “away ” from your blog awhile (including trip to Aus) I was catching up and now understand some serious stuff has happened so just sending some love your way and glad you too get solace in making a wonderful home for your family. (Sometimes in this day and age women aren’t given enough credit for that but I think it is important) love your photos as usualxx

  45. Sharon Forward says:

    woops its Sharon here not Anonymous LOLx

    • Sarah says:

      thanks Sharon, yes it’s true women aren’t given enough credit for staying at home these days…the number of times I have had people say to me ‘what exactly do you do all day long’ when I had 3 young children and a husband working long days! errrm well duh I don’t do much at all hahaha – I’m used to it now I just smile to myself but it used to make me quite upset! x

  46. Kelly says:

    Wonderful news!

    So glad to hear things are on the up.