Favourite Beach Cottage Things

Fri 27th, Dec, 2013

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Hi, hope you are all feeling lovely and have enjoyed Christmas! 

Popping in to say G’day and highlighting some of my fave pics of 2013 – it’s really good to look back at things isn’t it, makes you see how far you’ve come, I love how this time of year gives you hope and new beginnings too…I’ve learnt a lot this year, particularly in terms of friendships and knowing who your friends are, interesting…I’ve also learnt some big lessons in parenting, whatever has gone on in this old cottage I can pretty much say that sometimes it’s been a relief to shut the front door, wallow in white and flowers…

Enjoy some of my fave pics from 2013….


This lovely old white bike has become a good friend, picked up in a garage sale for not a lot!  (Read the full post here)


Growing roses happened this year, I pulled on my gumboots, sucked up the excuses and actually had success with English roses in the hottest spot of our garden…unreal!

I love love love my roses popped with a few Beach Cottage Australian coastal style things this past year, hoping for lots and lots more next year…whatch this space lol!  (How to grow English roses here)



After a very dry spell with vintage things and treasure hunting not being my most successful endeavour this year, I had a run of good stuff and this at $5 this chair nearly broke the bank, but she is loving my bedroom (blogged here).


After a lot of pro-crastinating I decided to bite the bullet on the Summer House and work with what I already had and haven’t looked back…this was the Summer House makeover – full post here, I had fun with this one, no budget, shopping the house, good results!


Lots of old vintage doors and shutters made it into this old cottage this year….and shells and old doors make for a very nice combo!  (read more here)


My bedside has been the place for much foofing ;-) I’m still on the lookout for new old bits for the bedroom, if I ever find them, in particular a lovely old dresser you’ll be the first to know.



I hope you enjoyed this year with this little corner of the web….I must say I’ve loved having you here even though you don’t say much ;-)





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18 Responses to “Favourite Beach Cottage Things”

  1. LOL – have really enjoyed your blog since visiting for the first time a few months ago. And, yep …… normally l don’t say much :) Seasons Greetings to you from further up the coast.

    • cat says:

      I’ve just found this site and think it is great.
      A question re your lovely blue front door. What color and brand of paint is it please? Thanks Catherine

  2. merilyn says:

    cheers! to the lovely sarah, with many lessons learned, good bad or indifferent! … [as with everyone] … that’s life! and one can never be the perfect parent … never, ever! it doesn’t matter what one does, or says … it’s too much , or not enough, just say whatever! … with love ofcourse!
    I’m always putting my ‘two bob’s worth in’ … [old ausi slang or maybe English?]
    anyway I think if you take the time to inspire and entertain us, the least I can do is respond! which ofcourse I love, even if my spelling is a bit spurious from time to time!
    always a great fan … love it and you! all the best … love m:)X

  3. leslie says:

    You had a beautiful year Sara even without having a ton of luck on your vintage treasure hunts

  4. Kelly says:

    Your blog lifts me up on days that I would rather hide under the bedcovers. Thank you for an inspirational year and I hope the new year brings you and your family luck, love and good times. Merry Christmas!

  5. Petra says:

    Your blog is so pretty :-D I really enjoy reading it and hearing about how you’re getting along in Aussie, being so far from “home”! I’m further up the coast (just over the border) and your style is my style too :-) Keep your wonderful posts coming!

  6. alison says:

    The behaviour of others around me in 2013 has inspired and uplifted me on one hand AND, on the other hand, made me move on so I can be much more focussed on what I value and care about. 2013 has been interesting!!!

    Please continue your ramble posts in 2014.


  7. Neen says:

    2013 has been an interesting parenting year for us too.
    You will never know the calmness and sanity your blog has given me this year. Escaping into foofing has been my saving grace !!
    Luuurve your fav pics, I too adore the flowers in jars photo.
    Here’s to 2014 !!! Cheers Sarah, with much thanks Neen ;)

  8. Absolutely divine! Your photos are spectacular.

  9. lizzie says:

    Merry Christmas Sarah, thanks for a year of inspiring and beautiful posts. And here’s to a great year ahead full of vintage finds! Lizzie

  10. Gorgeous, every bit of it. I’d like to live at your house. :) I’m hoping to grow some beautiful flowers as well as a garden. I do not have a green thumb. Not even a little green. Hoping that turns around for me.

  11. Debs Adams says:

    Thanks for another great year of beach cottage ramblings. I’ve pretty much joined you from the start…and check in with you most days. I did have a phase early this year of obsessing over pastel blogs..but soon came back to the white side!! Nothing wrong with pops of colour and good to experiment to find what sits right!! But White is Right….haha and feels like coming home! Wishing you another successful year in blog land …be happy Sarah!! Happy 2014 xxx

  12. Lassiegirl says:

    Just today was thinking I need to visit beach cottage blog land to get away a bit. Things are getting a little overwhelming from an ice storm requiring the removal of broken branches to my lovely river birch (tears). Thanks for being there to lighten the load throughout the year! It is good to “get away” sometimes to the beach cottage if only in my dreams :)

  13. Teresa says:

    Hi there my name is Teresa, I’m in love with your place! I must say you have been an influence on me in decorating my place. I have to ask you where did you get that cupboard in your room and also that bed spread? Please keep the pictures coming and also you write so beautifully.

  14. Marilyn Figgett says:

    I saw this and thought of you.
    Antique dressing table with stool. $250. Pu swr.
    Now I have to work out how to send the pic to you..lol
    Any suggestions?

  15. Marti says:

    LOL – have really enjoyed your blog since visiting for the first time a few months ago. And, yep …… normally l don’t say much :) Seasons Greetings to you from Florida, USA!

  16. FYI- I have been having a lot of trouble reading your blog. Everytime I go to your blog, my computer freezes up. It’s ONLY your blog, as I have tried dozens of others and am having no trouble going to them. The internet is not freezing up, just the computer when I click on your blog (the “Read the Blog Here” box). Just wanted to let you know because I have basically had to stop reading your blog, so I don’t have to shut down the whole computer.

  17. Gorgeous flowers Sarah – you mentioned they were roses, what type I have not seen one with such a full bloom – roll on 2014 wishing you and all your blogger mates peace & prosperity.