Easy Jam Tart Recipe

Wed 13th, Nov, 2013

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Morning, ladies, get ready to rumble …how to make jam tarts at home here today –  this is a lovely jam tart recipe and it’s soooooo easy, make it!

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When my kiddos were little I very much fancied myself to be that mummy who bakes delicious things with her children, makes jam tarts and happily lets them get stuck in to making pretty cupcakes, mixing biscuit recipes, and, our most reliant of in the kitchen pleasures, the flapjack.  This was all well and good and while no baker (I am not quite one of those women who happily dons an apron and bakes when feeling down in the dumps, I’d much rather make some soup, light a candle and get in the bath), I did manage to gather about my person enough no-fail recipes so that my kiddos enjoyed baking, standing up on a stool, cracking eggs and getting just about every crevice of the kitchen smothered in a layer or flour.


When it came to pastry, things went pear-shaped to put it bluntly, I was, and still am useless, it’s changing with the addition of the lovely light blue lady who graces my counter, but still I am very much a novice and far from expert in the pastry making department, I have to muster up all kinds of bravery to attempt pastry.

But in defiance to that lack of skill I like to make use of the wonders of technology as in the freezer or a packet and still make gorgeous little pastries without any of the fuss.   And with that I give you these jam tarts.


I love jam tarts and grew up with them, so far from home-baked in those days though, and more sitting in the larder in a little crinkly packet of six, three on the top, three on the bottom, always a welcome after a long bus ride home from school and always a scramble for the red ones.

The first time I made them with my kiddos many moons ago I couldn’t quite understand how what I had done resulted in a jam tart, it was so ridiculously easy it felt like I must have done something very wrong….and when they came out of the oven, sending out smoke signals to just about the whole village that jam tarts were fresh from Number 5, I kept looking at them and checking, prodding them and referring back to the recipe and thinking how for all these years I had eaten them from a packet when this was probably one of the most simplest things ever to bake.


And nowadays on the other side of the world they are still to be found, in the same little narrow packets in the supermarket, with a thin piece of cardboard in the centre and a different colour every other one and still every time I bake my own I think how very very simple it is to make these babies.

Over the years I have tried different recipes for jam tarts, with lemon curd, with apricot jam with all sorts of jam in fact, and I’ve failed lots of times at the pastry part but still, somehow, they emerge from the oven, wondrous, a little bit of hot and gorgeous flaky stuff, popped with a delicious sweet and fruity centre to make a cup of tea oh so much more than a cup of tea.


The one thing I have learnt along the way though is crucial to their success and that is jam… you can cheat with the pastry part either buying frozen or ready-made cases, and it won’t matter either if you make your own and it’s not too wonderful (and I come to you with that as one who speaks from experience of very patched up jam tart cases)….but on the jam front either make your own or buy decent jam.  I am a bit of a jam person I have to say, like eggs, I feel jam deserves money spent on it but that’s just me.   A couple of dollars extra spent on a jar of jam goes a long way in this old cottage.


For this recipe I used Woolworths Gold Summer Berries and Elderflower Jam – Woolworths new Gold range is a plethora of lovely tip top products sourcing the best suppliers and using the best ingredients  in Australia and worldwide for a special range that’s still affordable, and more importantly, easy to source for regular people like me (and I think you!).


When I buy jam (and I don’t just buy it to use the little jars as vases and glasses afterwards you know) I always always examine the label, it’s very easy to see whether or not it’s going in my basket, I just look on the back for a lack of yucky stuff and a minimum of ingredients, just as you would if you made it yourself at home… and this one is just lovely Tasmanian Jam and that’s it, just how I like it.


Easy Jam Tart Afternoon Tea Recipe

1 pack frozen pastry or tartlet cases

1 jar Woolworths Gold Summer Berries and Elderflower Jam

Double cream (or clotted if you can get it) to serve

Icing sugar

1. Roll out pastry and use a cutter to cut out six round circles and place onto a baking sheet

2. or use ready-made tartlet cases

3. fill each pastry case with two teaspoons of jam

4. bake at 190C for 10 mins

5. serve sprinkled with icing sugar and dollops of cream with a cup of tea

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes *  you can use any jam, lemon curd is lovely too, you may need to leave in for a bit longer, eyeball the pastry cases


That’s it from me, a simple little up-your-sleeve recipe for Afternoon Tea I guarantee you can about make with your eyes shut.

Over and out.


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10 Responses to “Easy Jam Tart Recipe”

  1. Smaggle says:

    Oh! Super delicious! Mr Smags will love these. He’s a jam bitch. Also when I read the title of this post I went ‘YOU’RE an easy jam tart’ in my head because I’m clearly 12 years old.

  2. Sharon says:

    Oooh those look amazing! And although I am a non-believer in the sponsored post, I am a sucker for elderberry anything – you have well and truly sold me on the jam! When I make these (and it is definitely a when, not an if), I’ll have to pick up a jar to try. Even though the jar is not as cute as the Bonne Maman ones that I am currently buy :P

  3. Veggie Mama says:

    Oh what I wouldn’t give for a little jam tart with clotted cream and a proper cup of tea in an English garden right about now x

    • sarah says:

      hmmmm I can give you one in a Sydney garden and serve it to you in wellies if you like – I could make it drizzle too for authenticity ;-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see a well used real person’s cupcake tin.
    Good quality jam is a joy.


  5. andrea frost says:

    Hi sarah from a totally raining cold Melbourne today…!!~

    this dish brings some well needed “warmth” to my “old” heart so to speak…!!!
    seriously though, the photography and the whole “VIBE” of this post is just “mouth watering”..

    I constantly use your chocolate tea cake recipe you posted a few months back..OMG..sooo easy..
    i just literally “chuck” the ingredients into the dish…give a token stir..
    put the mixture into my “rubbery” baking thingey..(you know what I mean)…
    and bob is literally your uncle!~~father/brother and everything else one can care to mention!!

    works out perfectly every time…NO FUSS…minimal cleaning up…

    slice it up with some cream and strawberries and it is a WINNER!!~
    (served it at my dad’s 90th birthday party the other week..and it was gobbled down in two seconds..should have made another one)…I did bake other cakes though as well!~~

    I love the easy way out with cooking…
    so I will be trying these out sooner rather than later..

    My mum & dad love my scrumptious meat pies I cook..so shall make some of these and impress them EVEN more…!~~~

    xx andrea

  6. Sue P says:

    They look absolutely DELISH! Beautiful photos. Can’t wait to make them.

  7. John Higgs says:

    They look DELICIOUS :) You want my address? Post me some please :D

  8. Kris says:

    Where do you find your “printed” spoons?