Beach Nautical Cottage – Chic Coastal Budget Makeover

Mon 8th, Aug, 2011

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Hope you enjoyed the weekend.  Ready for a chic coastal makeover?  You got it.

We had a very busy weekend, absolutely chock full of sport…nothing on my list was completed apart from getting this old unit in after it had been the recipient of the Beach Cottage Makeover treatment.

I bought this an age ago from a garage sale, to be very honest I have forgotten exactly how much she cost me…I think it was about 30 dollars or so…I know there were definitely eyebrows from my lovely husband when I forced him to help me bring her in and stash in the garage…that is the trouble with hunting out vintage furniture as a shopping hobby…a lot more tricky to get things in and hide them in the back of the wardrobe…

So she sat in there for a long time, doing nothing, dusty, sad and waiting to come in…but you know what, I had no idea where she would go…I mean it’s getting packed in here and Mr BC is having a bit of a ‘crikey there is too much of your old **** furniture in here phase’  ahem, yes I know, I need to get my favour giving skills brushed up ;-)



Anyway, the last few months I have been looking for a unit for the family room, one with doors that would hide junk…before we had one of those IKEA open shelving units here with baskets in it and it always looked messy…I mean it is a Family Room for heaven’s sake, meaning kiddos hang out here…and they sure don’t care about tidy, but I thought something with doors would mean we could stuff and close…

I did a lot of searching for a piece of furniture that suited me and my budget…and if only I had just walked downstairs to the garage…

Really, I wanted either a frenchy grey type affair and had seen one for $3500 in the little frenchy boutique or a more country rustic feel with a butchers block top…and had seen one at one of those furniture shops that pretends that it is high-end but in reality the stuff is all made in the same warehouse and shipped here by the same companies…cheap furniture, labelled with a fancy name and high price tag…

I had also seen one in the beachy shop…very kinda coastal-driftwood-chunky-rustic, but again it was in the thousands and with my track record of changing my mind almost daily on whether or not I like things, that wasn’t really an option either…

Then there was the stuff on ebay…I must admit if I were to buy upcycled furniture I would want it at good prices…it makes me laugh when you see stuff on there for bundles ..when you know they got it from the auctions or garage sales for a few bucks, slapped some paint on it and offer it for $$$…oh and you have to organize your own courier too ;-)


After looking for a long time, I remembered this old girl sat in the garage on her own

I didn’t want pure white in here…as you can see the sun comes in through my boyfriend and there is rather a lot of white going on already…

So I painted her first with my go to primer, Zinsser and then with a coat of hand-mixed beachy white…(I am afraid I have no before shot for you, I swear I took one but I can’t find it anywhere…just imagine wood the colour of the oar only a bit more yucky)




Then I got some grey paint and kinda dabbed and wiped it on with my paintbrush…the paint i picked up at the paint shop in the sale section – it was a mistint…. all paint shops have these…normally a little area near the till that has paint that has been mixed up incorrectly or paint that people have brought back…I love buying mistints...the cost is really low, sometimes only a few dollars a tin!  It makes trying out new colours so much less scary because the outlay is not huge, also mistints have a splash of the actual paint on the lid of the tin so you can see the exact colour inside the tin…rather than trying to squint at one of those little colour cards…you will also find a lot of different whites in these sale sections…I can only assume that many people get a white mixed up and are not happy with it and bring it back…or the paint guy hits the ‘wrong’ white when he mixes…who knows but it’s a no brainer people…



I wish I could tell you that I had the most wonderful paint technique like those DIY Bloggers who do it all, with a power tool strapped to their apron-ties, but really, I had no idea what I was doing here and to be quite honest I thought while I was doing this and before it had dried for a few days that this was going to be getting a coat of white not long after…



But the dabbing and wiping with the grey paint is just the look I had in my mind…it is not perfect…much more ahem rustic…

I left the drawers without the grey…and washed the white on…



There has been little if no comment from the Beach Cottage Crew, hoping I may get more on here lol!…though resident teenager’s friend did have a question…at least someone ’round here has not become immune to furniture painting and re-arrangement…

As ever in this old cottage on the wrong side of town the photos are about the tidiest this area will look until the next time it appears on the blog…

See you next time beach lovers…the sun is out here and I am going out to an Adirondack for goat’s cheese with home grown salad and a new (to me) salad dressing recipe which right now is looking very rich…

Yours in upcycling, painting things, saving sad old furniture, oh and saving c. $3470.


coastal chic

p.s. the Beach Cottage How To Blog e-course will be available very soon




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85 Responses to “Beach Nautical Cottage – Chic Coastal Budget Makeover”

  1. loulou says:

    Hello Sarah

    Love your savvy and I love the grey.

    Grey is the new “black”. (not that one would really want black in their beach cottage – well I wouldn’t anyway).

    I think you’ve done a marvellous job – your styling has topped it off brilliantly.

    I can’t express enough of me with the love of cupboards cabinets and putting away – I have this “thing” that I like to have everything away and behind closed doors. So of recent I have invested in a few beachy shelving units that allow a bit of ‘display’.
    (mind you with little ones my house always feels like it is never ‘away’. :)

    I can see you teaching BC classes at the local tafe with your techniques and styling you have :)

    Enjoy your salad – I’m off to make mine now but unfortunately not in a chair so nice as yours.

    thank you for sharing


    Loulou (Brisbane)

  2. Peta Jones says:

    looks great … better than if you bought one from a shop

  3. Beth says:

    Hi Sarah, it’s looking very lovely from where I’m sitting – great job. Imagine having something so stylish just tucked away in your garage? At least I know that I am not the only one to ‘forget’ about things only to ‘suddenly remember’ that it’s just perfect for what I want at that particular moment. Love such a bargain too.
    Have a great beach cottage week.

  4. Catie says:

    It’s gorgeous Sarah!! Beautiful job. : )

    I actually just painted my very first piece of furniture EVER yesterday! Of course I’ve spray painted things, but this was the first I’ve used real paint. It was a bit scary when I started out. I have to say though, the dresser turned out great. It’s in my stepdaughter’s room and once I was finished, I started looking around at what else I could paint in there. I ended up doing a shelf and a frame. Of course I’ll be sharing at Good Life Wednesday. : ) Again, lovely job on yours!!
    ~ Catie

  5. Kat says:

    It looks great, as always!!
    I agree with loulou, grey is the new black and it does give it that french provincial kind of look.
    Had a look at a shop with dressers like that on the weekend here and boy are they expensive!!
    I can’t believe you got it for only $30!! I am still amazed you can pick up such good quality old furniture so cheaply in Sydney.
    Seems to be near impossible here, so I am getting Hubby to build me a solid coffee table and then may whitewash it to fit in with the beachy look. ;)

  6. Alice says:

    Sarah she is a real beauty!!!

    What a gorgeous piece for 30 bucks! I must attend more garage sales! The grey looks very similar to the one I used on my (our) bed. I love her very much if you ever get rid of her I will gladly pay for her and pick her up from you… I love furniture like your girl… O.k enough said, it’s becoming creepy now lol! I think she looks great in that spot Sarah. It’s amazing how one piece of furniture can change the look and feel of the room.

    Had a busy weekend too… Lots of visiting, picking things up and new planning for some minor renovations around this old place… Trying to figure out how we are going to factor in a new water heater system as our current one is making funny noises and has pretty much had it! lol! Sometimes I think we will never end these bloody renovations… 4 years and still counting!

  7. Robyn says:

    Looks gorgeous Sarah! That really is a nice piece of furniture, but I bet you wouldn’t dare open those doors for us all to have a look-see ;-)

  8. Really great! New life fir an old piece and what a treasure she is. I have three pieces taking-up real estate in the garage right now. Soon, I’ll get to them soon :)

  9. kathy says:

    Good job Sarah and saving all that money Mr BC must be very happy LOL!!

  10. Tammi says:

    Not only does the dresser look amazing but the way you have styled it is beyond FAB!! Love the simplicity and elegance of it and I think it beats what you had there hands down :)

  11. Tammi says:

    btw, I recently rescued a few pieces from the curbside collection that I am dying to makeover :)

  12. Jeanette says:

    Goodmorning, while it is raining cats and dogs here in Holland I am reading your item about your family room furniture makeover. You did a nice job with the new furniture, and you dit it all by yourself, my compliments. I realy like reading your blog, who is located at the other side of the world. Have a nice day and love to meet you at my blog.

    Kind Regards,

  13. Deanne says:

    Looks great, love the grey!
    Wish I had somewhere to stash furniture, I see stuff all the time and don’t get it because I have nowhere to put it at the time and nowhere to store it and then down the track think- wish I had bought that, cause it would look so great there etc.

  14. Rob says:

    That’s a really great find Sarah, love the style…very french….the grey looks terrific, just enough colour to pop a little against the white. Robx

  15. Erin says:

    Oh gawsh, I would love to find a piece of furniture like that! I’m having fun redecorating our games/rumpus room atm. I actually managed to put up my own dado rails today. Also, did you know that Australia now sells the wall beadboard type wallpaper? I have 3 rolls ready to hang and paint…can’t wait. I got them online from Wall Candy Wallpaper. The postage was only $6!

  16. Susan says:

    very nice indeed….. :)

    Susan x

  17. Susan says:

    It looks lovely, Sarah! Did you use a flat paint, or some other type? I would love to try something myself, butbhave been too afraid to pull the trigger!

  18. Lee Ann says:

    I think it turned out great. Thanks for the post – it really helps me because I’m just now learning to visualize what something can be. I probably would have passed on this piece in it’s original dark brown state, even though I’m looking for something similar for the screened porch right outside the front door. I figure we can keep mittens and scarves in the drawers and the ever present cases of bottled water for sports behind the doors. And I love the way you sort of went at the painting without a real plan! A daring adventure that turned out well!

  19. i love it, sarah. and i love your technique as it makes me feel a lot better knowing i’m not the only one who takes an unorthodox more laid back approach to such projects. i think it must be a beachy thing, yes? i love how the piece is now more Gustavian like, softer, and friendlier.

    have a great week, gorgeous blogger.


  20. Absolutely lovely! I think your ‘no technique’ technique is perfect… sometimes things come out looking too contrived…this one not at all. It looks like a piece that has been used and loved in your home for years…perfect for the beach cottage! Thanks once again for sharing and inspiring. Happy Monday!

  21. maggie says:

    That looks perfect for your room! I love a piece of furniture that you can cram a lot of stuff into. I have finally admitted to myself and the world that I am not an organized person and I will never be an organized person. But there’s nothing wrong with being disorganized behind doors.

  22. Jess says:

    Lovely! I will definitely have to bookmark this for the future! I haven’t repainted furniture in a few years, but with plans for a family in the near future and the reality of a small budget, there will be a great deal of repainted my childhood furniture in my future!

  23. Scribbler says:

    You had me at the French style of the piece.

  24. catherine says:

    i need one for myself. would love to use as a tv stand to hide all the gizmos and gadgets. i love it.

  25. Kathryn says:

    Hi Sarah and Beach Clubbers,

    What is it that we have to hide treasures when we discover them! I did the same last week, with an ugly brown sideboard presently hidden under a tarp in the garage, to be unearthed some time soon. The Op Shop kindly offered to deliver but I had to refuse and sneak it in when I was sure the man of the house was out. Or when we make a “big” purchase and exclaim with glee how we found for a bargain price at a garage sale (a big timber sailing boat with a fat price tag from a swanky shop) . I guess it saves the “What, why and where questions. Your cabinet looks gorgeous, keep it happening its lots of fun to hear your stories.


  26. Amanda says:

    I have so say how totally G~O~R~G~E~O~U~S this is!… well done. And to think it was lurking in the garage.

    Also want to say that I LOVE Zinsser – a pain to clean up but totally worth it… I painted the interior trim (doors, architraves, skirting etc) in an entire cottage with some ‘scientifically fabulous’ 3 in one product that was supposed to do something similar. We didn’t want to sand too much as we suspected there might be lead paint under all the layers, so we needed something with grip…. all of my painting just peeled off in big strips :-( as the orginal paint was too glassy and smooth

    Got the Zinnser on it and NOTHING moved… a bit of a bummer to paint everything 3 times though

  27. Chelsea says:

    Your blog is gorgeous. I am in the midst of a redecorating project – trying to bring some peaceful, beachy elements into my condo. I live in the center of a city, but my heart has always belonged at the beach. I adore the combination of items you very strategically place and your eye for color and texture. Amazing! Thanks for sharing your nifty ideas and inspiring me to put pieces together :)

  28. Sascha says:

    I ♥ it – your furniure and your enthusiasm and style and your humour and your honesty and that your blog is not clogged with nasty flashing banners that detract from the content – and that you are so handy. Not as many women are. I am renovating myself – vintage, natural, recycled (tip shop junky), more inner city rather than beach – and am so obsessed with white. Your blog inspires me on the weekend to rearrange, paint, sand and strip!

  29. ANGELA says:


    I WHO SELLS UPCYCLED FURNITURE ON E BAY TAKE UMBRIDGE AT YOUR COMMENTS…I must admit if I were to buy upcycled furniture I would want it at good prices…it makes me laugh when you see stuff on there for bundles ..when you know they got it from the auctions or garage sales for a few bucks, slapped some paint on it and offer it for $$$…oh and you have to organize your own courier too


    • lg says:

      Angela you should have left a link to your ebay profile so we can all see how it should be done. Oh, that’s right – too gutless.

  30. Cas says:

    Hi Sarah. Needless to say your cabinet looks fabo…you’ve just got that magic touch ;). Yep it makes me laugh too when I look at some of the prices people list their upcycled furniture for, but there are people out there who buy it….that’s the part I find amazing!
    Cas x

  31. Josie Palmer says:

    Haha Angela. How about you come back another day when you are not quite as busy. This is one of the few blogs that is not all about self promotion and advertising. If you had been here for a while you would know sarahs huge traffic could make her a very different blogger. Go look it up.

    Love your blog Sarah so full of inspiration to DIY and have fun!

  32. Lotusjude says:

    Wow! What a beautiful piece. I am always inspired by your makeovers. Don’t listen to the Blog trolls who have to shout to be heard. The most most powerful voice is that of the whisper of inspiration.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Love it Sarah

    Once again you inspire me to not be intimidated and just have a go, I am doing that in a lot of areas of life now

    Jackie from SA

  34. Amanda says:

    Hi Angela… well, hopefully it felt good to get it off your chest. The written word has so many nuances and most times we will all read something and interpret it COMPLETELY differently to the next person. There is also no opportunity to ‘read’ the true intent through voice inflection or body language.

    Whilst the internet and blogs are public domain and we expose ourselves to subjective (or objective criticism), misinterpretation, praise etc… I guess we have to expect a little of both. I can see your point, and appreciate the hard work you are putting in to repurpose and make a few $$ as well.

    The way see it, I don’t think it was Sarahs intention to ‘diss’ people such as yourself, and I would also agree with her that there are a lot of people out there charging a lot of money for items that just aren’t worth what they are asking. I worked for a lady on the North Shore who imported what was essentially rubbish furniture from Indonesia under the guise of ‘French Country’ and would almost just slap a bit of white wash on it and all the clients would pay exhorbitant prices for it. She would also ‘design’ a kitchen (her cabinet maker or I would in fact work out how to put it together) and unbeknown to the client would simple DOUBLE the cabinetmakers quote as her ‘design fee’ and people would actually pay it. I think some people have far more money than sense….

    What is great is that Sarah and other blogs INSPIRE people to do it themselves and see the hidden beauty in objects – (I am a interior designer of 25+ years experience) and I love what I see here and on other blogs. Also as a single Mum, struggling with finances and a way forward my creative juices just dried up. I would also have to consider myself a ‘cyber TROLL’ :-) as these sites have awakened my creative spirit again. I personally L~O~V~E the eccletic nature and simplicity of what Sarah does. I also admire that she has taken what is an innate design sense and passion and turned it in to a business and is willing to share it with us all.

    Also, after reading this particular post, I rushed back out to the footpath and pulled off 4 dining chairs I had out out thinkng I would never get around to fullfiling the promise that I had for them. I know they will probably sit there for another year (or more), but I remembered the charm when I first saw them and Sarah inspired me to hang on to them to make it happen!… LOL (thanks Sarah!)

    So, like any form of media, if you don’t like what you see, read or hear, then you can choose not to participate. And you can choose to have your say (as you have done here) before you depart. I would hope though you would understand that to add insults about appearances as way of drivng home a point is just not cool :-( and dare I see it, a tad immature and diminishes your position overall.

    Angela I wish you much luck in your venture!… Sarah, can’t wait to meet more of your treasures

  35. Sadie says:

    Very nice grey with coastal and rustic, you do it so well.

    I must say I have seen so many girls imitating your style, so many coastal vintage/rustic stuff now – you continue though to inspire with authentic ideas which is why I keep coming back and will continue to as I turn my country cottage just a bit beach cottagey. Keep it coming please.

  36. Annie-jo says:

    nice piece girl!


  37. Kylie The Vintage Place says:

    lovely paint job and upcycling Sarah, a bit different to your usual white

    By the way Angela I am a nurse too and love my profession with a passion, shame on you for such a vicious attack on someone’s appearance – I hope I never have the misfortune to either work with or be nursed by a character like you!

  38. Crickey Angela, you even type your name in caps. If you are unhappy may I suggest a massage when you have some time. I actually took up some crafts as therapy to take my mind of my troubles and thats when I found Sarah’s lovely calming blogs. Take some time for a nice afternnon tea with your friends.. or with your children if you can’t manage to get out. Look after yourself Angela because you sound as though you are strung VERY tight.

    Sarah is a sweet girl, she is a Brit with a very British sense of humour, you may not like it but it certainly is not meant to offend you.

    As for the personal insult regarding Sara’hs photo well that was simply uncalled for.

    Take care of yourself Angela, those kids need a happy healthy Mum xx

  39. Alison Gibbs says:

    Beautiful as always

  40. great piece, reminded me that we have a bar in the shed that needs doing. think that might be a job for this weekend. thanks for being a great inspiration

  41. marcia says:

    Hi Sarah, I am really loving gray these days. I painted the cement floors in my cottage a light gray and am so happy with the way it turned out. I also have to admit the relief in hearing that your aren’t the “expert”painter that I, and maybe a few others thought you were. I really have no idea what I’m doing half the time either, but then again I know I will never be selling off my DIY home projects either! (God forbid!) Marcia

  42. Angie says:

    MEOWWWWWW !! Someone sure is catty ! Got up on the wrong side of the bed ! Sarah we all love you, and your blog and your pics and your kiddos oh and Mr. BC too ! I think she is in need of some “favors” she seems to be wound a little too tight !

    Girlie your such an inspiration and a breath of fresh air for this old stressed out lady. I so appreciate all that you do to keep your blog so lovely !

  43. Paula says:

    Hi Sarah. Sheesh, I cannot believe Angela’s outpouring. Needless to say this is not your typical audience who love what you do and find it really inspiring and interesting and funny and just good to be a part of. I can’t understand why someone who doesn’t like what you do simply doesn’t read it. Let it go girl. Why is it necessary to abuse the maker? Is this making anyone’s life a little better? I don’t think so. However, I for one feel happier for sharing a little insight into your world. Keep up the great work!

  44. Anonymous says:

    OMG I just don’t believe it, I have a good idea who Angela is!!!!!!
    I am an avid eBay trader and now make my living at it so I know the regulars lol, anyway recently a regular who hasn’t been on for a while who used to makeover furniture in s french style started going coastal – as a follower of your blog since the very beginning I could not believe it, she even used a name from buzz words on your blog – a total about turn on her whole business direction/model inventing herself as coastal old furniture even down to styling her stuff like you! I then happened to come across her stall at a local market and the French inspired cushions had been swiftly changed out for nautical stripe ones! I have been so meaning to stop by and tell you Sarah since I saw the stall and eBay listings but didn’t get around to it. Her stuff is exactly what you said old furniture from auctions etc that she paints and puts big prices on like a thousand dollars for an old chest of drawers! It is a shame someone can so blatantly copy all your work, though who was she kidding that people wouldn’t see what she has done as the eBay world and Internet is s very small one. I can only think that an outburst like this comes from the jealousy side – your talent as we all know goes way beyond buying old furniture from auctions and painting it white and she knows she can’t get that. The thing that surprised me the most though was how she changed her business name from a distinctive personal upmarket boutique name to something that means very similar to yours! Amazing and small world!

  45. Jajne says:

    Love your take on coastal French with the grey, I am into French but will be adding a few star fish and shells now for summer Jayne

  46. Anonymous says:


    May I say this whole blog is about living good for less and it has made me feel very differently about my own humble space. I don’t think you will find many others who can inspire so well with things that actually cost nothing

    I won’t bother to tell you too how budget is kept in mind on here in recipes and craft too – perhaps you should try them sometime though and then you could sell them on eBay

  47. Anonymous says:

    Sara I would die for a shell ball like yours and am emailing you about them. Thanks heaps.

  48. Rosemary Keenan says:

    LOve it Sarah! Did you sand her first, was the wood shiny polished, or did you just primer over the top?

  49. lisaroy says:

    Sarah, don’t let Angela’s ignorant words get you down. If she has bothered to follow you for any length of time, she would realize how wrong she is in her impression of you. Perhaps she doesn’t understand what humour is (judging from all the CAPS, she sounds like she needs to lighten up). And let’s just say, I’d dread the day I’d ever have her as my nurse. Perhaps she needs a career change.
    I think your cabinet is absolutely lovely and so are you. xo

  50. Angela M says:

    Hello I am a fellow Brit who loves your style! I also do some french provincial/shabby chic stuff and sell on e bay (at reasonable prices tho LOL)
    The bad news is my name is Angela (truly) Iam a nurse AND I have 3 girls although mostly grown up and a lovely hubby who thinks I spend far too much time scouring yours and many other blogs . These are where I get many of my ideas – so keep a lookout on Ebay for a dresser similar to yours as once again Sarah you have given me another fab idea !! i will agree with the other ANGELA though, the op-shops have become more expensive lately ,well here in adelaide they have -anyone else noticed or is that my scottish stingy side coming out?
    Also a fan of your style Sarah my wardrobe has had an influx of stripey tops and tee’s and am getting quite a scarf collection going.

    Regards Angela

  51. I love it but then I always do love your make overs. Looks very french and perfect with the touches of grey, makes me want to paint something :) x

  52. Katherine says:

    I love what you have done with this cabinet – looks great! I love the colours and the atmosphere of the photos – very serene. The star in the blue bottle looks beautiful – l love stars; they are my favourite shape.
    And while on the subject of all things wonderful, I did your all in one roast chicken & veg for dinner tonight – yummo! Very easy – I could even do my cenus while doing it! Too easy!! Must try out some of your other dishes. Just wish there was someone here to share them with…….sigh!

  53. Heaven says:

    Angela, your jealousy is showing. If you don’t like Sarah’s AWESOME blog, don’t read it.

    Sarah, your piece is GORGEOUS!! All I can say is WOW!! Love it. You are so taleted with a paintbrush. Wish you could come paint my stuff lol


  54. Looks good! I love how it looks in your house.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Your house just makes me want to curl up and read a good magazine. I’d say book, but wouldn’t sit long enough. It has such a cozy, airy feeling all at the same time,

  56. Elaine in Laguna says:

    I love your latest addition to the cottage! Great idea and love how it’s settled into your lives quite nicely and quickly!

  57. Eileen says:

    Fabulous Sarah, I think you did a fine job. I do love picking up the mistakes at our local HD too, they usually only cost 2 bucks here.
    The Frenchy grey you mixed up looks super and I love that piece of furniture. It has great curves! You better watch her so close to your boyfriend! I think those doors are already taking a shine to her!! . ;)

  58. Hannah says:

    Love it! I love the key in the door as well, I love old keys!

  59. rukmini roy says:

    Of course…in 66 comments, I wonder if this will even reach to you! But WOW. Super awesome…i’ll hunt for mistints…the effect is wicked brilliant.

  60. I honestly never tire of looking at the refreshing palette on your site. It is so relaxing.

  61. Tamara says:

    So inspiring as ever Sarah – now even more desperate to get my hands on hubby’s grandfathers gruesome dark book case. Think he’d notice if it turned shabby chic white over night??….

  62. Yvonne says:

    Love it!! I’ve got a dining room set that I want to paint shabby chic white/cream…just not sure how to begin since I’ve never painted furniture before. Maybe I’ll get up the courage and go for it. Thanks for all of the beautiful inspiration!!

  63. laxsupermom says:

    Love it! I love buying Oops paint, too, and you hit the jackpot with your nice soft color. Thanks for sharing.

  64. alison says:

    Hi Sarah

    When you said that you forgot you had your cupboard it reminded me of myself soooo much as I put my “treasures” aside while I ponder.

    I once read a book (you know one of those guides to getting in touch with your inner self and the meaning of life ones). This particular book said we all have everything we need and we should consider looking more closely when we have the urge to buy or accumulate. I have used this idea many times and strangely, often to my delight I really DO have what I’m wanting to buy or acquire. With a bit of creativity or a few changes I can often make do or re-create.

    Mr alison shakes his head at my treasures and says “The house is full!” He’s right but …………..Sarah I just have 2 old WWII wooden ammunition boxes I want to find a use for. They’re 20x20x40cm and 20x20x50cm, timber, very fragile rusty hinges. Have you or anyone else got any ideas???


    • sarah says:

      yes send them to me!

      I am a WWII freak :-)

      • alison says:

        Mr alison would gladly give them to you if he knew!!!! But he doesn’t.


        • sarah says:

          I was gonna say coffee table too…nice with glass though it is exxie

          I kinda just love things like that propped around though…I love old suitcases under tables and on top of wardrobes…great storage too. as long as they are not stinky inside ;-)


    • Amanda says:

      I am not sure how functional you would want them to be but I think they could look great stacked on top of each other at the end of a sofa as a pseudo end table or statement piece with a little something on top.

      Or perhaps as a coffee table – stacking them side by side with a piece of glass on top but given they are different heights you could adjust the lower one with some large antique looking books on top with the glass over?

      And you could possibly clear (matt) lacquer the hinges so they don’tstain anything – hoping that in doing so, they are not some incredibly rare beast that would fetch $$ thouands for

      • alison says:

        Wow Amanda!

        You’ve got my brain going into overdrive. Thank you so much for these great ideas.


        • Amanda says:

          Sarah is right about the glass being ex, but they would look great under a glass top table even… They may not be useful to store stuff but are a bit of eye candy. I just love old things with character.

  65. Jacqueline says:

    Love the new makeover, your room looks so bright and sunny!

  66. Jeannie-JB says:

    I love love love your family room furniture – it looks sooooo good. Your design skills are awesome and your photography is to die for! Other than that, I don’t like your blog at all! LOL – Just kidding – everthing about it is fabulous. Just one question – the sun is shining through your boyfriend?

    • sarah says:

      my boyfriend is my nickname for the door :-) I put up with a horrid one for a few years when we first moved so when this white stacking one came in I loved it so much it’s now my boyfriend…yeah I need help in my little life ;-)

  67. log beds says:

    I think furniture is the must for house and all person need these furniture because without these furniture house is empty and looking very bed.

  68. furniture says:

    Your lovely painted white furniture is just what we need in the UK. Our winters are so gray and dreary the white furniture would brighten up any room.

  69. Jeannie-JB says:

    Love it! It looks wonderful next to your boyfriend! :)