Beach Cottage Bedroom, Flowers from the Front & Vintage Things

Thu 15th, Apr, 2010

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G’day, how are you all out there in your various places in the world?

Seeing as I have spent most of these last two weeks of the Easter break holed up in this very spot reading or surfing, this morning I thought I would show you where I have been hiding out and where at precisely nineteen minutes past ten yesterday morning someone coming to do some work on the cottage knocked on the door and I was ahem, how shall we say, naked and had the fright of my life… as an approaching 40 yr old woman spending a frantic minute pulling on jeans and a t-shirt, and scraping one’s hair into a pony so I could at least let them in without scaring them away, is very much not fun…


and today it was much the same, hanging around in this bed reading and getting served cups of tea, and while I didn’t have to scramble about for decency, and neither did I quite get to making the bed, I did make a huge show of tidying up the various bits of bed-festing accroutement’s that had mysteriously started growing all around…

…and I thought I needed to sprinkle a dose of Beach Cottage love over the bedside ;-)


I don’t think I’ve made the bed since the kids broke up from school and for sure that has produced a few raised eyebrows from Mr Beach Cottage (my excuse is that I am about to purchase new bedlinen…I’ve been chatting about that on Facebook and I’ve more or less decided it will be from The White Company where as you can imagine I buy a lot of things..the original and the best)

So Mr BC has lovingly ;-) gone ahead and made the bed himself these past few weeks, on those days where he could stand it no more.  And to be honest I have to hold my hands up and say even on none school hols day he does it many many more times than I ever do.  And let me tell you the man can make a very neat, straight, tight bed. Should you be reading this and looking for a potential husband, don’t just look for DIY skills, oh no no no, look for bed-making skills too.


So, anyway because I am such a wonderful wife in areas bar bed-making, I was presented with these hand-picked flowers this morning, fresh from the Aussie garden by the lovely Mr and little Mr BC.


How apt that they should have known I was about to drag myself out of the cocoon and do some cr*pola zapping…even more wonderful that they were just* the right hue to set off the new line of linen and pink pillow covers from Tricia whose goodies inspired by the sea, rock my boat…just so Flea Market Coastal (I have her cushions floating all about this tatty old cottage and have just received some more of her Orkney range…heaven, but here on my bed is an exclusive peek at her new range of linen pink ones…)

I have to say the clean-up was well overdue and I actually ended up de-cluttering and packing a big bag for Vinnies…I just don’t know where these things come from??… I mean admittedly half of it was Mr BC’s booring business books that annoy the heck outta me and which I regularly shave the bottom few off..but still (which I have to say he has never noticed, though if you decide to try this a word of warning, observe the movement of the books for a few weeks before you go in for the kill and whatever you do, do not throw out a set of business lecture notes that are extremely expensive and only apparently available to a few in the country…if however you do happen to do this and you get caught out, blame it on the garbage-filling ways of a 3 yr old).


Well, I guess it’s over and out from here, hope you like the flowers, if you happen to know what they are called I would love to know

and, tell me do you squander around in your pit like this in the hols?

I’ll be back soon, I wanna ask you about blogging & blogs (and go see what Gina has to say here, couldn’t have put it better myself)


   linen : IKEA, Target, vintage

suitcases : thrifted   fishing box : estate sale   vintage bottle : garage sale  curtains : IKEA

bed : budget repro    flowers : Aussie garden :-)   cushion cover : Rough Linen



blogged for Show & Tell Friday, thanks Cindy

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0 Responses to “Beach Cottage Bedroom, Flowers from the Front & Vintage Things”

  1. Beth Cregan says:

    Hi the flowers are hibiscus. xxx

  2. Wanna come declutter mine now? It looks like a teenager lives in that room – not a grown couple.

    Can’t wait to see what you have to say about blogging!

    Hugs & ? ? ?,

  3. Vanessa says:

    Very very beautiful!! Love the trunks used as a side table, They’re great! Just the perfect touch! Have a great day! Vanessa

  4. Ruby Wand says:

    my husband is pretty close to perfect but would he make a bed – never! not unless his mother was coming for a visit. i do make the bed every morning except on sundays i let it be. love love love the linen & pink pillow cover! i’m not sure what kind of flowers those are but they are pretty! your bedroom looks heavenly!

  5. Joely says:

    Hi, the flowers look like hibiscus. Yours are a very pretty colour. Do you keep lots of treasures in the trunks?

  6. Alison Gibbs says:

    Pretty bed linen.
    Loving the pink flowers – how sweet of the lovely Mr BC and little Mr BC.
    Ooh how I would love to get away with staying in bed. Not to make the bed – that would be fabulous but my bedroom is near the front door so everyone looks in there, I just can’t train my husband to shut the bedroom door after he goes into the ensuite loo or to get something from the bedroom. Don’t they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!! Well I can’t teach my Old Dog that new trick!!

  7. Tovah says:

    I love your bed frame. So beautiful and scrolly. I would also put a vote in for hibiscus on the flowers (although I wouldn’t bet my life on that, more of a guess.)

  8. Miss Sew & So says:

    morning sarah- oooh such gorgeous pinks!! the flowers are the cool ol’run o’the mill hibiscus!

    which i seriously adore- the colours they come in are incredible! the only other flower that comes close to these delightful, yet ‘bog’ standard, aussie flower are the frangipanni{which i’m sure you know & love!}- i dont think either are the above -but i have girl friends in Perth who literally ‘razor’ theirs outa their gardens- can’t stand them as they are so ‘un-exotic’!!!!!! thats probably why the rest of us love them- they are simple, delightful to pink with their lovely wooden stems & they are in no way ‘posh’!

    so look after that tree in your fron yard & enjoy them for us too…..

    ps- had a laugh at the naked door drama- good to know your’e so relaxed in your old cottage!! hee hee

  9. Suzann says:

    I am dying for some all white bedding – I’m going to check out that company and maybe I’ll be inspired.

  10. Such a pretty room. Read Gina’s post…agree! In fact today I asked for advice from the blogosphere about painting my study (not white, sorry :)) and the generosity is amazing. And it’s why your blog’s so popular…a glimpse into your life and Mr BC’s bed making skills. Hang on to that one!

  11. Lisa Hafey says:

    I was going to say hibiscus too, but it seems everyone else has beaten me! If there’s flowers I miss, it’s hibiscus and frangipani – but magnolia goes a long way to making up for it! There’s a gorgeous magnolia I can see from my bedroom window, and 4 years ago when I was heavily pregnant with my youngest (and very unwell with it) I would just spend *days* staring at it, lovingly. I *did* mention I was pregnant at the time!

  12. anita says:

    I agree with the others, i think it’s a double hibiscus. Very pretty. Do you have a picture of the bush?

  13. Alicia says:

    Your flowers look like a variation of Hibiscus to me Sarah. They do grow well in the sydney area as you dont get the frosts we do here (which would kill them off). Off to have a look at your links now (really should be heading off to bed, this is where it suddenly becomes 1am in the morning before you know it lol!)

  14. Alicia says:

    oops everyone had already worked out what flower it was lol!! Interesting topic on blogs and blogging, just checked over at Ginas. I’m not brave enough to say too much except that you really do have to be very careful what one puts out on the world wide web cause it has teeth and can bite ;0) anyhow I do love popping over for a visit when I have time so keep on blogging on..

  15. Hmm. Guess what? Your flowers are indeed a variety of hibiscus, AKA cottonwood. Where I come from, we call that variety “cayena doble”, which I guess would simply be layered hibiscus for you.

    In Venezuela, my homeland, we have pink, orange and red layered hibiscus over here, as well as the ‘traditional’ variety on the same colors, plus white, yellow, and a cute orange one with reddish streaks around the center. Another bit of trivia brought to you by Girl from Shangri-la. ;-)

  16. Love the bedframe! I also love the idea of using trunks for the nightstand because you can get so much more storage out of that. I think I might look into doing this for my guest bedroom. I’m always looking for ways to use that room as storage without it looking like storage. :)

  17. Oh honey, I absolutely squander around like that in the holidays, not with as much style as you though. In fact, I hardly ever make my bed, but don’t tell anyone. I know, I need to work on that!
    The flowers are beautiful, lucky you!

  18. Karen says:

    Sorry about the odd id up there, I tried signing into my google account and that’s what it gave me.

  19. DeAna says:

    I need to do a bit of spring cleaning, de-junking, organizing, and all around sprucing up. It is AMAZING how much can be accumulated…just amazing.

  20. Carmen Scott says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I just found your blog, and have been browsing it for hours on end now! I’m at home and in bed all day because I have the flu, but your blog has definitely cheered me up.

    Your interior is everything I love and want for myself, there is literally nothing I don’t like. It’s feminine without being too frilly, lots of white but without looking too modern/can’t touch anything-ish, easy to clean, and best of all: it’s affordable! I’m a student on a low budget, so most of my tiny student appartment is ikea and second hand thrifted stuff. I’ve always found it hard to be inspired by most home decor magazines because their stuff is just unafforable to me. Your cottage makes me think ‘I can achieve that beautiful style, without going broke!’

    I already have white ‘beach oak’ laminate floors (no wood to be found in student housing I’m afraid), white walls, and wooden furniture. You’ve inspired me to go online and search for (second hand) coir floor mats, and I’m going to buy some white matte paint to paint my dinner table and other bits and bobs, as I am a white lover too (but my boyfriend who lives here too has kept me from going all the way because he thinks it’ll look too sterile.. nonsense, I’ll show him your blog when he gets home to prove my point.)

    Now I’m frantically searching the internet for those sand-white striped pillows you have on your sitting room sofa (I’m getting an ektorp ikea white sofa soon, which I had already thought of before seeing your blog but now I’m even more happy with my choice!) but I can’t find them anywhere… I live in Holland and we don’t have target here. How much were they, if you don’t mind me asking? And would it be at all possible for you to buy two of those pillow cases and send them to me in the post? I have paypal so I could send you the money beforehand.. (You probably get these kind of requests very often so I totally understand if you don’t want to/don’t have the time, but I thought I could always try and ask!)

    Greetings from a dutch ‘BC fan’ :)

  21. Donna says:

    Hi Sarah. I wish I could just hang out in my bed. I am totally neurotic though and have to make it as soon as I get out. Weird I know.Now really loving the way it looks all done in white. I pass it as much as I can during the day. Sometimes I go in there for no reason but to look at the result.Again weird. Those flowers are so gorgeous! Wish I had one out back! So, I just got back from reading Gina’s blog. Can I get a Amen! You know I’ve been so on the fence with starting a blog. Looking around recently it got even more scary as people were NOT like you anymore and like someone just said”they bite”. I have much to thin of a skin for that. Just the other day a blog friend said she was going to charge a small fee for advice on making over furniture or to help pick out paint colors. Well lets just say she was bitten!Yikes! Poor thing. I love your blog for all the reasons Gina so beautifully pointed out. It feels like home and you feel like a friend. So thank you for that and for keeping it real and fun. Ok I’ll shut up now and go “foof” something up <3 Donna

  22. Beth says:

    O.k. I totally love your house! Love it, love it! Those painted suitcases and trunks…adorable! And, you have a hubby that makes the bed…oh, my! Sounds like you’ve had an awesome holiday (despite the naked interruption)! I get so much inspiration from your images! Beth

  23. Holly Eversgerd says:

    Oh my goodness! My husband has NEVER made the bed in the ten years we have been married. I have have made it approximately twice. Haha! Just kidding, kind of. I think the nice part of the holidays is that you can relax and not worry so much about the tidying up. Less structure to the day. But then after a few days the casually tossed items and stacks of this-and-that lose their charm and I clean like a mad woman :)

  24. Kat says:

    Well it’s not officially a holiday here, but I’ve been less than productive and frittering away the days reading magazines and surfing the interwebs! Ok, I have done some real work, but the balance has definitely tipped towards the squandering side of things.

    And I love, love, love everything Tricia does, her linens and pillows are so pretty and look perfect in your beautiful home!

    Kat :)

  25. Kacey says:

    You have a gorgeous bedroom! I wish mine looked like that after decluttering. :)

  26. Sarah, I came across your blog a week or so ago and I have to say it’s so inspiring. This post left me feeling I needed to comment on how beautiful your style..so comfrotable and OMG the sunshine that fills your room ~heavenly~

  27. OC girl says:

    Sarah, I am in Orange County, CA and I want to tell you that I have been enjoying your postings for a whie. I stumbled upon your blogs when looking for inspiration of Beach Cottage decor. Thanks for your postings…keep up the good work

  28. Oh my goodness….if I had a bedroom that looked like that I would never bother getting out of bed in the first place! What a beautiful, peaceful place. Jealous!

  29. Gaelle says:

    Well I guess I have a DIY husband… Everything about motorbike fixing, computer fixing, mowing the lawns he’s fine with that. When it comes about cleaning bathroom, or put his shorts back in the closet, or even make the bed, keep on dreaming Gaelle, that won’t happen!

    Have a good day Sarah!

  30. Jackie says:

    Well,Sarah as I lay in my unmade made with 200 lbs of dogs laying with me, my nightly hot flashes overtake the reading of your wonderful post! Thank goodness the a/c came on….and the dogs quieted down with one now on the floor from me throwin
    blankies on his head….Beautiful photos and post, I so enjoy your blog…Always makes me smile..even thru the hot flashes. YOY!

  31. Cindy S says:

    Your unmade bed looks so nice. Mine never looks that good. I love the color of those flowers. So nice. Hugs, Cindy S

  32. Lora says:

    What a peaceful room. The splash of color created by the flowers is perfect.

  33. Brigid says:

    Your room looks like a real sanctuary! I had to chuckle about Mr. BC’s ‘missing’ books-years ago, I ‘mistakenly’ got rid of some my husband’s stuff (junk to me, treasures to him, I am sure;-) De-cluttering now only takes place during school and ideally when my husband is on the road. If you have Home Depot, get contractor trash bags-holds a ton and thick enough that there is no chance if inquiring eyes are around being able to see what is inside!!! TGIF

  34. Jo says:

    heya sarah. the flowers are hibiscus.

    too funny – the shot with the close up, i was doing a spit and polish on my computer screen to remove the mark, then realised it was on your photo. haha my intellectual blonde moment.

  35. Kathleen H in Indiana says:

    Only make our bed when my Mom or company coming over! Love the trunks as side table, I could hide some clutter in those babies. The pink flowers are perfect touch.

  36. chandelier magic - beach house says:

    Hi Sarah -

    Thanks for your note – made my day. Thought I’d show you the luck I’ve had painting tiles and I mentioned you in my post -

    Have a great weekend -


  37. renee says:

    you just can’t go wrong with white bedding. Lovely!

  38. Stacy Lapinel says:

    First of all, I am in love with your headboard!! Secondly, my husband is in the military and is very very precise when making the bed, folding laundry, ironing, etc. Makes me very thankful they taught him that, seeing as how I’m not exactly very proficient in those areas. ;)

  39. Di Nash says:

    Yes hibiscus, they dont last long in a vase though hey!! Better to ‘enjoy them on the bush’ as I used to say to my kiddies when they stripped the bush bare!! Look great in the bedroom though…

  40. I found your lovely blog via Dreamy Whites.

    I laughed at your de-cluttering hints when throwing out your husband’s books! My husband always jokes that he can’t put things down for fear they will be swiped up straight away and put on the “to throw/donate” pile. Slowly he is picking up on my decluttering ways and shifting ever so slightly from his hoarder tendencies!

  41. Marie says:

    Oh Sarah! I’ve always admired your bedroom decor. But I really love how you used the trunks as a side table! Very clever and very chic.


  42. meng says:

    very nice , i like this white cabinet very much.
    by the way, i admire your life :)

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