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I love blogging and what it has given me and after being repeatedly asked for my advice on how I blog, I have compiled  the Beach Cottage guide to blogging

Sweet Blogging ~ How to Blog for Girls

….and I hope you will love it!

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Sweet Blogging, the e-course was written with girls in mind…girls with lives and jobs and kiddos, a house and a life…my intention was to write about my story and experiences with blogging, what I have done that has worked and what hasn’t and give my advice for blogging to girls who live in the real world…

I got to this point because as a blogger myself, especially in the early days interested in reading and getting advice on blogging, all I could find were professional business sites…sites where the main component was about how to blog for money, how to get on top blogger lists, how to have a super blog, how to get people to stay on your site and click your affiliate links, how to build an email list…

I quickly lost interest in these sites …the blogs that blogged about you getting rich quick from your blog …what I wanted was simple and easy tips to improve my blogging that fitted in with me…

So I started blogging my thoughts on blogging and was overwhelmed by the response…I had many emails from girls like me telling me that they were so over the business blogs too…they’d had spent their money on downloads, paid to join forums, only to be disappointed at being bombarded by super-bloggers on how to be a super blogger…they didn’t really want to know how to blog for money and targets and business….what they wanted was a blog that was a pretty and happy place for them and wanted to know ways to get a few readers to follow their journey along the way, advice on the ins and outs of blogging and tips to help them to have the best blog that they could, without spending all day on it!

So I have written an ecourse with that in mind..presented in a quick and simple way for you to read at your leisure and easily implement on your own blog…

I share everything I have learnt along the way…on writing in your own voice, how to take photos that share and show your world, plus lots of tips to improve them…included are prompts for writing blog posts, easy little homework exercises to make you think about your blogging journey, things I wish I had known, my thoughts on the commercial side of blogging, how to fit it all in, tips on commenting and how to make it work for you, the Beach Cottage guide to linky parties and much more…

There are lots of professional blogging blogs out there and indeed courses too, some of which I have bought myself…but I have yet to see anything that inspires girls with busy lives to have the best blog for them…

Blogging then is all about inspiring you to do the little things that will help you along on your own blogging path whether that means that you end up with a super-duper power blog or that you gain some great friendships and enough followers to share this journey with you that just makes it all so very nice…a place that you love to go at the end of the day…

It’s simply all about all the things that I have learnt along the way as a blogger…the good, the bad and the not so pretty…

You can go here for details ~ the Sweet Blogging E-Course Outline and more information.

I hope that you’ll join me soon!

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Sweet Blogging How to Blog

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Session 1

Introduction My Journey with Blogging …the story of how I started blogging and the beginning of abeachcottage!

Session 2

What Shall I blog about Anyway?

...here we look at what you could blog about, themes, ideas and how to successfully channel your passions into your blogging journey…

Session 3

Blogging Voice

….here we look at how to find a blogging voice that will make your blog unique and more ensure that you blog as you and enjoy it!

Session 4

Getting Readers

Session 5

Networking and Working it

Session 6

Photography for Blogging

Session 7

Content Creation, Ideas & Prompts

Session 8

How Not to Blog

Session 9

The Numbers Game

Session 10

How to Find the Time

Session 11


Session 12

Things I wish I had Known



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