Welcome to A Beach Cottage Recipes – I love food and I love to make simple, fuss-free easy family recipes with lots of taste – I spend a lot of time with my nose in a cookery book – my fave meals are one pot and slow cooker, you can find them all here and I have over the years hunted out super simple baking recipes, those are here and many of them are one-bowl too.  I’m always on the lookout for easy ways to get healthy and love smoothies (go here for those) and new to the blog this year I’m going on a journey with meat-free meals a couple of days a week, those will be coming up here.

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Easy Choc Chip Cookies

Originally posted - Tue 31st, Jul, 2012

Beach cottage Recipe : Chocolate Cake in a Cup

Originally posted - Mon 22nd, Jul, 2013

Beach Cottage Too Easy Dump & Go Cous Cous Salad

Originally posted - Tue 24th, Jan, 2012

Easy Chop Salad

Originally posted - Tue 4th, Dec, 2012

beach cottage recipe roasted tomato and red pepper soup

  Good morning lovely Beach Cottage ladies, here with a lovely roasted red pepper and tomato soup with cheesy polenta ...

Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipe Crockpot White Bean & Bacon Stew

Beach Cottage Too Easy Recipe Crockpot White Bean & Bacon Stew

hey Beach Cottage ladies I hope you are well, I am very good, as I type this the sun is shining, the Aussie sky is very blue ...

feta strawberry and green salad recipe abeachcottage.com

yes this is good strawberry salad

  Hello beach cottage peeps, checking in this evening with a Spinach, Rocket, Strawberry and Feta Salad. I've never ...


A Beach Cottage Love Your Christmas Home DAY 1

 Welcome to Love Your Christmas Home! G'day! I've been quite over-whelmed by the huge response I have had to Love Your ...


easy cupcake recipe with coffee for morning tea

Oooh do you love pretty food pictures, good coffee and a basic no-fail coffee and cupcake recipe?  You’re in the right place I ...


Beach Cottage Recipe Fennel Salad

Bing bong Beach Cottage ladies, it’s Beach Cottage Too Easy recipe time!  Don’t you just love that whole thing…a Too ...

summer lime sweetcorn coleslaw recipe abeachcottage.com

summer sweetcorn, lime & cucumber slaw recipe

Hellooo from the lovely Sydders, I've been for a very gorgeous walk this morning with Barls and am trying to recover from how hot it was ! I came across this recipe for a Summer Slaw on one of those free flyers popped in your bag at the greengrocer's, it was for 'slaw' (have you noticed how ...

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cinnamon and brown sugar muffin recipe easy abeachcottage.com

A Most Divine Muffin Recipe

Right, before we start on this muffin recipe beach cottage ladies, I am here to warn you that these are REALLY nice and are v v v more-ish (couldn't stop at one). I came across this recipe a while ago and thought it looked a bit different...the first time I made it it had a few more ingredients ...

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chicken tikka masala recipe abeahcottage

a very easy curry recipe

    Aloha beach cottage friends, I am here with a curry recipe...I get asked a lot about curry, which I find, being Australian English or English Australian or to be honest nowadays, Australian, rather an odd thing.  Apparently though, I mention curry (that and the British ...

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salad recipe easy

beach cottage new year goodness

When I was planning and doing my list of goals here the other day, one that came up which seems to be a bit of a theme for me is healthier lunches and snacks - I've always struggled with it, always, I guess, been on the run and always then because of that, stuff in something quick.  Dinners have ...

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chocolate banana bread recipe

Good Monday morning ladies of beach cottage land, how are you all?? We've had a busy weekend here - we had a table for 14 on Saturday night for a Thanksgiving dinner, including sing songs (with ukulele, guitar and keyboard) and lots of lovely food.   We had two turkeys, a huge ham with a bourbon ...

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muesli and chocolate chip cookies

Beach Cottage White Chocolate Muesli Cookies

Right, Miss Beach Cottage has been baking again (white chocolate cookies, hello!), this is not good for the areas of one's body which one wishes were not there but it is vee vee vee good when an unexpected guest calls and you pull out, oh you know, a plate of freshly baked, white chocolate no less, ...

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