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Originally posted - Fri 19th, Apr, 2013

the armoire

Originally posted - Mon 17th, Sep, 2012

Beach Cottage Summer House Furniture

Originally posted - Mon 7th, May, 2012

DIY Entrance Hallway Makeover with BeadBoard Part I! + A GIVEAWAY

So hello, here we are again, in my tatty little cottage on Sydney's beaches talking about all things white, vintagey, beachy, ...


Saying Goodbye to a Beach Cottage Wall

Hello wall?  Remember that from Shirley Valentine?  Sometimes I feel like good old Shirls - you know, whatever happened to that ...


How to have a fun weekend of DIY

Howdy from a rainy Sydney Beach Cottage ladies!   How to Have a Beach Cottage Fun Holiday Weekend of DIY 1. order ...


Beach Cottage Breakfast Room Decorating Goings-On

Hey, what's cooking good looking? This is my new breakfast room on a sunny day....well it's not new, just moved ...


You may think that my darling husband and I love DIY, right? All dancing around in gleeful DIY honeymoon lurve while we feather ...


Bedroom Makeover – Beach Cottage Coastal

G'day! It's a funny day here, started off raining this morning, but that has kinda turned into sunshine here and there so the ...

vintage beachy furniture abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style

an old pot cupboard makeover

Well how the devil are you beach cottage people from above, I am good, I am wanting to show you a little treasure I found recently...this is one very lovely little pot cupboard...it was pennies...I was going to pass this one on to another coastal vintage loving person, but she's staying with me for ...

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how to tile wall tile diy abeachcottage.com tiling walls tutorial

DIY kitchen wall tiling subway tile part 1

    So what do you do when you are in the process of looking at /purchasing a beach house, are about to go overseas, and in the middle of a VERY slow laundry renovation?  Well of course you white subway tile a forgotten kitchen wall. This wall has been waiting for the tiler for ...

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coastal blog abeachcottage.com

there’s beach house, coastal cottage or brace yourself

Well, yep, I like to keep you all waiting in suspense, haha....brace yourself is the buzz word around here at the moment... ...so here we go...brace yourself :)   It's funny, the other day I was doing something I didn't want to be doing...you know boring, real-girl work stuff, feed your family ...

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grey coastal paint colours abeachcottage.com

Laundry Room Re-Do The Instagram Door

  Hellooo there to the other side of this screen and you Beach Cottage ladies of the web, it's my worst, least favourite day of the week...the dreaded Monday, the day I spend most of the time pro-crastinating about the stuff I should be doing. Anyhoo ,this week I had no choice but to get ...

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abeachcottage laundry room makeover

the laundry room a DIY before

Ooooh we've made it to Friday, love Friday, it's the day before my favourite day of the week and seeing as it's Friday, hopefully that means in the very near future there will be some re-charging, some kicking back, a few drinks perhaps, a walk by the sea maybe...who knows...and then of course it ...

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coastal style beach vintage decorating abeachcottage.com

coastal style beach cottage makeover

  G'day beach cottage friends, well remember those old vintage chairs I found the other day, hmmm, well one of them needed love, freshness and some paint...and it's not white!   If you are averse to either the painting of wood or a touch of zee yellow, please step away from your computer ...

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