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5 Ways to Makeover Hallway Entrance Hall

Originally posted - Thu 19th, Sep, 2013

A Mirror WIP Beach Cottage makeover

Originally posted - Tue 30th, Apr, 2013

Coastal Christmas

Originally posted - Wed 5th, Dec, 2012

The Beach Cottage Quilt & Bedroom DIY Decorating

G'day and how are you all out there? Thanks so much for all the wonderful well wishes for my birthday on here, Facebook and ...


Beach Cottage Kitchen Organization Part I

G'day chicks. Welcome, at long last to the very much more organized, improved and definitely decanted Beach Cottage ...


Armoire Update, she sure is looking purrrty

  Well Beach Cottage ladies G’day, I am up to my ears in white paint…literally…I have white paint all through my ...


beach cottage kitchen progress – IKEA Faktum cabinets

G'day Beach Cottage girls, some progress on how the kitchen is going with the IKEA Faktum units :  slowly! You see, there is a ...


Beach Cottage Makeover ~ Old Fridge Gets the BC Treatment

G'day! Well, here we have it, the gross fridge makeover...getting some beach decor in this old cottage. And yep this is truly as ...


A Beach Cottage Ladder Re-Vamp with Hand Mixed Delights

G'day lovelies. Well, I didn't make it here over the weekend, sorry about that, wanted to show you a ride on a tinny I recently ...

coastal style beach vintage decorating abeachcottage.com

coastal style beach cottage makeover

  G'day beach cottage friends, well remember those old vintage chairs I found the other day, hmmm, well one of them needed love, freshness and some paint...and it's not white!   If you are averse to either the painting of wood or a touch of zee yellow, please step away from your computer ...

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Washi Tape Power Cord Tutorial

G'day from beach cottage land, we have a tutorial here first up today and Day 4 of  Love Your Christmas Home coming later on... Lovely Catherine from The Spring Blog is here with a solution to that dreadful problem of power cables and what goes with what and more what one you have to take with ...

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Beach Cottage Deck Progress, it’s gone from yellow to shiny blue

Soooo here's an update on the patchy deck, with pics from my phone, I couldn't stomach getting the big girl's camera on this one yet... I realised that it's been a while since I've showed you what's been going on out here and  I have had a few reader questions on this and how it's been going. ...

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5 Ways to Makeover Hallway Entrance Hall

G'day, welcome to Beach Cottage Land, the hallway entrance post ;-) well, I have to say that one thing I get asked a lot, along with what white paint is best for my coastal vintage style, it's how can I makeover my home without a big budget and the one that seems to be a big one is the hallway and ...

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DIY Mason Jar Tutorial How to Make Blue Vintage Mason Jars

Well hellllloooo lovelies, something good today, if there's one thing I love and one thing I am asked a lot it is how to get blue vintage mason jars on a budget, and today, the lovely Catherine is here with a DIY Mason Jar tutorial showing us just that - how to make blue vintage mason jars without ...

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How to Paint Furniture, and an easy makeover

Helloooooo, a quick Beach Cottage makeover today and talking how to paint furniture, it's one of the things I get asked about a lot...how to paint old vintage things for a fresh coastal look...thing is it's simple, easy and best of all you can work it into any style and it definitely doesn't have to ...

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