Beach Cottage Study Makeover for Good Life Wednesday

Morning campers! Hope everyone is fine and dandy...we have woken up to the second day of Autumn Down Under, and after a hot and steamy day yesterday today it has cooled down rapidly, feels almost like winter...well Winter if you are a softie ;-) Now onto the study. ...


Beach Cottage Pom Poms in the Study

Good Evening! Oooh it has been an eventful day here in Beach Cottage Land.


BC Bus Blinds & Flowers in the Study

Howdy?  How you going? Well we are roasting here in BC Land, it has been really sweltering the last couple of days. So what to do then when faced with high temps that make every little movement an effort?  Well why not lock yourself in a very small room, lump furniture around for hours, then change your mind 'cos ...


The Study Before & BC Good Life Wednesdays

Good Moaning!  What's cooking? Well it is hot hot hot here in Sydney.  We have been to the beach this morning to cool off, but found it closed because of the surf conditions so we headed over to the ocean pool and took a swim in there, the water was icy cold...but it was that hot that even I found myself diving in ...


Beach Cottage Glory Box all Dressed Up

G'day lovelies!  It's gorgeous weather here, sadly I am a little sunburnt from yesterday.  I spent much of the day on the beach for one reason or another and now have patches of sunburn to show for it... Anyhoo, here's the Glory Box in the Study (if you want to see the Work In Progress post, go here). She turned ...