Dining Room


dining room, tables, flowers, oh and lots of beach cottage white

Woot woot!  G’day!  Guess who has been doing a little foofing? That would be me. Gosh this all looks white, errm is this really my old cottage? It must be, oh hang on, I’ll just pop out of the study, turn left and see the bombsite after the kiddos left for school to check ...


Beach Cottage Decor We Call it Gingham

  G'day Beach Cottage ladies, near, far and hello males from The Netherlands :-), today we are talking about Ging Ham, love me some Ging Ham for beach cottage decor - a little big country coastal, oh yes I do think so! ...


How To Extend Your Beach Cottage Flowers Life by a Mile

G'day. Thanks to all of you who sent me well wishes on the dog incident, if I haven't emailed you back yet, apologies, I am getting there. This morning, work commences on our front deck, I am excited about this to say the least...we have lived with a horrible old front porch for a long time out the front and I have ...


How to Get a Beach Cottage Vintage Coastal Style Table On A Budget

Aloha!  How you going? Do you want to know how to dress up a table all beachy and coastal and chic and white on a budget? Well you are in the right place... ...


What I’m Working On

  G'day girls.  I do hope you all enjoyed Easter.


Easter Decorating Table Ideas…Beach Cottage Style

Morning! How you cooking? All good here and we are looving the school hols..well I am, gotta love me some pj action in the middle of the day. So, I have had a few emails about Easter and how I decorate for it...well to tell you the whole truth I don't normally 'decorate' for Easter, I prefer, really, to just buy ...


A Beach Cottage Coastal Decorating ~ Tables with Pom-Poms

Hey good looking, whatya got cooking?  How about making BC pom-poms with me? C'mon in today, take a deep old breath and indulge me in some white-porn...you know you wanna... I dunno about you but I have been bombarded for what seems like a long time with tissue paper pom-poms, if that's what we're calling them. ...