A Beach Cottage Coastal Style Decorating with Vintage Like Pitchers

G'day! How you all going? I''m diggin' lovely vibrant flowers on my old floors... ..always nice to stare at something pretty when performing one's daily ablutions Let me tell you about the flowers on the floor & the pitcher though... The only trouble with living Down Under is when one finds oneself unable to ...


The Beach Cottage DIY Family Bathroom Makeover Continues!

G'day BC DIY-ers, how on earth are you? All here is well and good though errm it's somewhat chaotic.  Did you think the makeover was complete with those shots?  Errm I wish, just threw that in for a bit of eye candy... I'm sorry this is taking us so long but I have been pretty busy here and in between taking on ...


At Last! The Beach Cottage Powder Room

Morning. Here's the Powder Room as it is now.  You've probably gathered that this hasn't been my most fave project in the cottage.  You'd be right.   And it's taken me 3 months to even get this far. I confess, it was the challenge that lured me, to make this over with what really is nothing in terms of budget and ...


Beach Cottage Score ~ Vintage First Aid Box

I can think of no better way of wasting time, when I should be cleaning the cottage and clearing up from the chaos of what seems to be every morning before school round here, than grabbing a coffee from my fave coffee house and having a mooch around the shops on my own...a couple of nice homey shops...a surf store for ...


Beach Cottage Famous, Longest Ever, WC Makeover Peek

How you cookin' girls?  I should be cleaning up this old cottage and doing some chores but instead I find myself ridiculously avoiding any such thing.  I came back from coffee with lg all raring to go and then came in and it all sort of quickly fizzled... Anyway, I thought I'd give you a quick sneak peek at the WC ...