Nautical Cottage


Beach Cottage Makeover, Deck Renovation, it’s not pretty yellow

Good evening Beach Cottage friends from my very large deck.  My very large yellow deck. Sigh it's all going well here, but in the middle of a manic weekend with the kiddos (can someone tell me if in the not too distant future I will have a weekend that does not include copious amounts of kiddos activities and ...


another day another beach cottage ikea pendant light

Good evening, I am here again, with another pendant light in my oh so amazing Beach Cottage life.



Morning lovely Beach Cottage people, hope you are well, today I’m doing a bit of backyard farming with a no-dig garden / raised bed and lots of veggie and herb planting here in Beach Cottage Land. ...


A Beach Cottage Front Door

Good morning from a beautiful day on Sydney's beaches and hello to a coastal style blue front door! 


beach cottage mason jar, some stickers and chalkboard paint

G’day my friends from all regions out there near and far, ready for some more Mason Jar loving, here we have how to paint a Mason Jar & add chalkboard paint stickers, woo! G’day to those of you knee deep in snow in the Old Country – are any of you here reading this blog from all the way Down Under??? If so, I ...


Beach Cottage Easy Coastal Vintage Style

Morning ladies and gents, hello this lovely muggy Sydney day! Please welcome a new addition to the Beach Cottage family…this little stripe nautical number picked up at the mall at the weekend and with my name about all over it don’t you think? ...


a tablescape, a finger & a coastal lantern

Good Morning Beach Cottagers! Just a quickie one-handed post from me this morning, no I haven’t had a baby (those days when you do everything one handed with a babba slotted into your hip are long gone) but I have sliced the top of my index finger off…I was slicing up some cucumbers a few days ago, and, if truth be ...