coastal cottage flowers abeachcottage.com pink dahlias and vintage lamp

Beach Cottage Flower Love

  Good moaning from Sydney and some pretty flowers in this old cottage!  If you were one of the lucky receivers ;) of my newsletter last week and recipient of information on where to get soft cargo pants that do not make one's derriere look like a puffed up flesh coloured balloon and at the same time hold ...


the new vintage old dresser in the beach cottage kitchen mini makeover

G'day Beach Cottage friends, so this is the unit I have been talking about - it was an old unit that was scraped and chipped and needed a face-lift.   ...




Beach Cottage DIY Kitchen Makeover

Hellooooo from Beach cottage Land, oh it’s fun and games here friends…sick kiddos, pulled down walls, nights out, kitchen planning, dust, so very much dust…phew…and the sun is very much shining, so that’s good...and in the middle of it all today I'm making chicken stock and cooking up a few soups as part of my ...


Saying Goodbye to a Beach Cottage Wall

Hello wall?  Remember that from Shirley Valentine?  Sometimes I feel like good old Shirls - you know, whatever happened to that 24yr old who had a Honeymoon Baby?  She now talks to walls? ...


Beach Cottage Beauty, honey, lemon & sugar DIY face scrub recipe

G'day Beach Cottage ladies, how the devil are you this fine Friday, now how about we play lotions and potions today and slap a few things on our faces?   C'mon you know you want to. ...


Say hello to the Swedish Kitchen and a Vintage Mixer

G'day I must say that when we first moved into the rattiest old cottage in Sydney with a tatty deck, wooden floors and a huge old Moreton Bay fig tee I believed that I would have the luxury of a lovely new kitchen with appliances of my dreams, with a Frenchy country white feel with a bit of coastal and industrial (yep ...