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winding up…or maybe down

Helloo, I had forgotten how much I love my two old vintage style bikes...there is something about riding a bike to me...sometimes it's even better to not actually ride it though, rather lean it and foof with it. We are winding up...actually that might be down... to the July Winter holidays here....in a couple of weeks ...

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Getting chillier here!  I'm loving it!  I think this is the first Winter since I arrived in this lovely Down Under land where I am embracing it all instead of wishing there was heating for the next twelve weeks, when there is so anything far from central heating in this old cottage.   There has been ...


A Beach and some Espadrilles

  Well good morning from Sydney Beach Cottage ladies, I am back from yoga just now, a new class to me (gosh I think I may not be able to move tomorrow) and have some lovely pictures of coastal Australia... On instagram and Facebook yesterday we were talking about weather, in that it's been glorious here in ...

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Summer House in Autumn

just loving Autumn this

easy chocolate cake recipe abeachcottage.com

Easy One Bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe for Easter

  Hellooo, would you look at that lovely little chocolate cake up there, do you need an easy one-bowl cake recipe in your life well I can help. I love Easter, I always have and I’ve always gone rather OTT on the whole chocolate thing especially once I had kiddos  and every single year since we had Honeymoon ...

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Beach Cottage things

  G'day from Sydney and a  rainy Sunday with grey skies, the garden needed the rain that is for sure -  we are heading into the Easter holiday with a mixed forecast, I'm taking some time off and was hoping to be making it to the beach every day, and we have a semi-planned camping trip, I LOVE Australian ...

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Beach Cottage Newsletter is back!

A quick hello from a very wet and rainy Sydney, just a note to say the Beach Cottage Newsletter is back in town. After a long hiatus until I was feeling better she's going out today and there's a fashion post in there with some very nice forty-is-the-new-thirty-muffin-top-hiding pants - it's only for subscribers and ...