Junking for the Cottage


Beach Cottage Vintage Treasuring Hunting Finds

G’day!  It’s me.  Girl with crochet.  Girl with bedspreads.  Plus baskets. So these are a couple of the things I found at the weekend… ...


Beach Decor – Coastal Sign Before After

Well G’day, how are you, a little Beach Cottage coastal makeover before / after for you today lovely ladies. This all started at one of the local lifesaving clubs at one of the beaches here…propped outside the door to the lifeguards office, has always been, since I have been here, a hand painted sign on a shabby old ...

Beach Cottage Chairs, Vintage Coastal Makeover

Well G’day Beach Cottage lovelies, errm let us have a bit of a vintage white beachy decor makeover shall we?   You know it, you love it, you really really want it. ...


Beach Cottage Vintage Treasure, Oh she’s a beauty!

  Well blow me down with a feather Beach Cottage friends, I did not expect to be coming here this fine Monday with a vintage kitchen unit / dresser that blew my mind at the weekend… ...


this beauty soon to be beach cottage coastal table

Hellloooo, I know you love some beach decor & you love Beach Cottage classic vintage treasure finds – well this is one seriously good catch and will soon be coastal and beachy….right now this old table is getting ready for a makeover and is a very very good find… ...


Old things, Vintage Chairs & Beach Cottage Ramblings

We have today old things, napkins, vintage chairs, the South of France & Beach Cottage Ramblings


Beach Cottage White, Crate, DIY and Flowers

Good morning Beach Cottage people, the free crate for beach decor with a little bit of coastal white paint and DIY is here with us today in this old cottage! ...