In the Cottage Garden


Beach Cottage Summer House Furniture

Morning ladies, well Summer House DIY beach decor news this morning, we spent some time at the weekend moving things around out there and really thinking about what we are going to use it for. ...


Beach Cottage Summer House WIP

G'day Beach Cottage ladies, hope the weekend was good to you, this morning checking in with some DIY.  Yep my life is so fantastically exciting that I get to look after sweet puppies and take photos of DIY all weekend...oh yeah baby, just so happening around here. ...


A Coastal Summer House DIY Beach Cottage Style

  G'day beach cottage peeps, wanna see the progress on the rose-tinted Summer House shed renovation?  Oh yeah baby, it's getting there...there's white, there are French Doors and small but beach house deck-like steps. ...


Beach Cottage Garden, Lawn and a $150 GIVEAWAY

G'day ladies, well we haven't had a gardening post for a while here at abeachcottage have we?


Beach Cottage Hydrangeas with Coastal Beach Decor

G'day lovelies! Wanna come in and see my Hydrangeas Beach Cottage style ;-) ?


Life’s a Garden & Down by the Sea

G'day ladies. All well with you?  Good. When I started this post I was in a nice happy mood from the weekend, the sun was shining and all was good. Then I got a call to say that one of my kiddos had been bitten by a dog on the way to school.   ...


Good Life Wednesdays

G'day lovelies. How you doing? All good here...we are enjoying nice temperatures and warm winds here in Sydney. ...