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the first few weeks of meatless meals vegetarian

G'day, talking vegetarian meals here and how going veggie in the week has gone for us - I have had a lot of messages about this, funny really, you never know what interests anyone, but this is something that obviously does interest people...you can read my first post about going meatless a few times a week here (you'll ...

a beach cottage chili recipe abeachcottage.com meatless monday veggie chilli recipe

Vegetarian Chili Recipe

  Morning, I'm here in the land of beach cottage white, quilts and nautical stripes with a recipe for Vegetarian Chili, yup you read that right and no I am not going veggie but I am doing a few things to eat more vegetables and get more of the plant stuff in zee bod...this recipe for Vegetarian Chili is delicious, ...


recipe fish chowder crockpot slow cooker friendly

Well I'm here again, G'day, I am here with a super tasty chowder recipe, a fish chowder that can go in your slow cooker... ...


a recipe from a moper for a white bean salad

Hello from me!


Beach Cottage Easy Hazelnut Honey Slice Recipe

Good morning from Sydney and I'm here with something lovely and tasty for a little bit of a New Year treat...mmm....a slice recipe to get you through January no less. ...

Love Your Christmas Home Day 18

G'day, well here for Love Your Christmas Home 18 today and getting some baking and Christmas cookies done and dusted...I absolutely LOVE the idea of baking special things at Christmas and it has become a tradition in this old cottage for sure...there are a few problems for me, one I'm baking challenged and two the growth ...


THANKSGIVING How to Make Pumpkin Pie

Good morning from the lucky country and today we are talking Thanksgiving...I love the premise of this holiday, though for sure I'm a novice, I love the idea of celebrating gratitude and giving thanks has been huge since we made the big leap of faith to move to the other side of the world, so today here with a recipe for ...