Family Room

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Beach Cottage Vintage Trunk

love a good blue chippy faded coastal sea

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Beach Cottage White Slip Covered Sofa Coastal Beachy Decor

  Beach Cottage White Slip Covered Sofa Coastal Beachy Decor G'day friends :-) are you sitting down? So this would be a white slip-covered sofa for the family room...came into my life recently and not by way of a shop ;) the treasure hunting gods are showering me with their ...

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look at this beach cottage vintage treasure

Aloha beach cottage friends.  Well you know what it's like, vintage treasure hunting goes in ups and big old downs does it not?  And for sure I have been in a drought for a while, much like these beaches I live on, we've not had rain here for a long time and then boom all of a sudden we've had a full day of rain ...


an update

Well I'm up and down.  I'm guessing that's better than just down, right?


Beach Cottage DIY Decor How to Decorate Vintage Ladders

Hello Beach Cottage ladies, some pics of the family room from me, the low-down on vintage ladders and how to weave a bit of vintage into your decorating…yes this room has had a leetle bit of Beach Cottage foofing, so shoot me… I must say now though, if you have very young kiddos, husbands who feel the need to raise ...


Beach Cottage family room

G’day Beach Cottage Lovelies, I hope you enjoyed the weekend..the Seasons are really turning here, and I have that Spring feeling…know the one I mean? ...


Beach Nautical Cottage – Chic Coastal Budget Makeover

G'day! Hope you enjoyed the weekend.  Ready for a chic coastal makeover?  You got it. We had a very busy weekend, absolutely chock full of sport...nothing on my list was completed apart from getting this old unit in after it had been the recipient of the Beach Cottage Makeover treatment. ...