Love Your Christmas Home Day 18

G'day, well here for Love Your Christmas Home 18 today and getting some baking and Christmas cookies done and dusted...I absolutely LOVE the idea of baking special things at Christmas and it has become a tradition in this old cottage for sure...there are a few problems for me, one I'm baking challenged and two the growth ...


Love Your Christmas Home Day 17 Festive Vignettes and Vignetting

Helloo welcome to Day 17 of Love Your Christmas Home, we are on the home run, I'm hoping your home is looking pretty, mine is pretty in a bomb-site-pre-Christmas-oh-my-goodness-three-children-and-a-dog kinda way - or in other words, it's lived in with sparkly lights... ...


Love Your Christmas Home Stove-top Christmas Fragrance Pot-Pourri

Helllooo, how the devil are you, we're all about layering our home with Christmas scent today and I've been making DIY stove-top Christmas fragrance, if you wanted a festive pot-pourri recipe to fill your home with holiday spirit and Christmas love, guess what, I'm you girl. ...


Love Your Christmas Home Tree Trimming Day 13

helloooo Love Your Christmas Home Day 13, unlucky for some, not me because this is tree trimming day...let's get the trees up and get festive. ...


Love Your Christmas Home Day 12 Easy Christmas Dessert

Hellooo, Love Your Christmas Home today and we are thinking food and special things to eat and a super easy dessert for the holidays. ...


Beach Cottage Entrance Wreath Love Your Christmas Home Day 11

G'day beach cottage ladies, welcome to Day 11 of Love Your Christmas Home, now we are onto the good stuff, no cleaning, no de-cluttering, just getting pretty not perfect. We are going to decorate our front doors today - your mission is to pretty up your front door / entrance, it doesn't have to be fancy or take a long ...



Hellooo, talking Christmas trees today for Love Your Christmas home.