At The Beach

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Beach Cottage California Road Tripping

Hi lovelies Well, we made it over the pond and are having an absolute ball in California…it’s my first real time visiting the sunshine State, though I’ve been to LA and San Fran before, both times were a couple of overnighters in transit to somewhere else…so although I’ve seen a bit, not much. After a few ...

Australian Days

Good morning Beach Cottage ladies, it's been a long weekend here, lots of time to mooch and think, stroll by the beach, go out for breakfast and do family stuff, time that we don't normally have so much of these days, what with sport and life and jobs and you know, stuff. So on Saturday with ...


A Beach and some Espadrilles

  Well good morning from Sydney Beach Cottage ladies, I am back from yoga just now, a new class to me (gosh I think I may not be able to move tomorrow) and have some lovely pictures of coastal Australia... On instagram and Facebook yesterday we were talking about weather, in that it's been glorious here in ...

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Beach Life soak that baby in

Good evening. Sigh I am back from a lovely, like really really lovely weekend away...the Lucky Country was showing off her bestest bestest over the weekend...I mean we've had Kate and Will here to woo us...but really, this land, on a fabulous Autumnal day, fresh air, sea, sun, colour, blue and fresh fresh ocean ...

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thoughts, the sea and a bird

Hellooo, I have had a very busy weekend with the kiddos, sport, sport, sport and dancing and a lot of after midnight taxi driving.  I wish I could tell you that I was out dancing in very high heels, with lots of champagne while sporting diamonds around my neck and wearing a little back dress.  That would be a lie dot ...

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a vintage bike and the sea

You know, I've lived in this little part of Australia for quite a while now and no matter how many times it happens when Autumnal days like this one happen I'm pretty much still gob-smacked that we made a move to live here... sometimes I'll say to my kiddos do you remember what it was like not living here, without the ...


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Morning Beach Cottage lovelies and hello from my iPhone :-0)