Weekend Peonies

Mon 20th, Nov, 2017

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Hello from a gorgeous Sydney day…sun is shining, sky is blue and not a care in the world.

Spring it seems came and went in a haze of different weathers this year and brought with it beautiful peonies….peonies that need a small mortgage taken out to purrrchayse them but very lovely non the less.

I have always envied seeing the peonies come in on Instagram and around and about the internet when over here it is Winter (though far from hard I have to just mention) and we are rugged up and with the fire on…when your Peonies arrive in November though and near to Christmas (yikes) it’s oh so sweet.   Thankful for a peony in November I am indeed.

I too, most certainly, am very grateful this weekend not only for the gift of peonies, but for many things, being in a safe home, living in Sydney, having really great friends who care, but mostly my wonderful family who live here in this house with me, who, when the ride gets a little bumpy know how to behave and are there by the truckload.

You do, indeed, reap what you sow.

Never felt that was truer than now.




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3 Responses to “Weekend Peonies”

  1. alison says:

    <3 <3 :) :)

  2. Maev....Sydney says:

    New here…My sister…who I suspect lives not all that far from you ..sent me the link to your…
    No Sew Sofa Makeover How to Cover a Sofa with fabric / drop cloth……Thu 25th, Jul, 2013………..
    I took me some 15 minutes to get past the first part…I could not stop laughing…but loved it…She also sent me a site on how to do ‘no sew’ curtains…works for me…
    So many drop clothes…patterns …colors..I have discovered a whole new world….Thanks… :)
    And yes…we do live in a wonderful place!