Marmite Alright.

Mon 13th, Nov, 2017

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Ahhhh it is a lovely Sydney morning here, Saturday morning…on my second cup of coffee after the first cup of tea with toast and Marmite.

I have some big big news…the Wardrobe of Floral Dresses Doom culling attempt has begun.  It was not pretty and it took a long time of working up to, but one day last week, with a clear afternoon and a whole lot of vloggers lined up on my laptop I began (who thought you’d be one day touring the upstairs of someone’s house in Scotland via The Tube on a laptop in your own bedroom while you attempt to create order).

I started by opening the doors of said doomed wardrobe hoping nothing would fall on my head.  All good.  I decided I would start on the Jeans Drawer.  To be quite frank, how many jeans can a woman in her mid-forties (with growing muffin top, apparently we are not allowed to talk about fat anymore, I am guessing as it’s one’s own one is?) in a climate where for much of the year jeans are sweltering can one woman need?  Thirty five.

My plan was (still in WIP mode) loosely based on the 333 clothing principle…whereby one has 33 items (I think) and rotates them for 33 days…or something like that.  So with 35 pairs of jeans I was down from the word go.  I began the culling of the jeans…please note these are not actually going anywhere (yet), but rather being moved (to someone else’s wardrobe haha, namely husband’s) until I can move onto the next step of the process which is to actually cleanse oneself of them.

I must make a side note here….the guffaws from one’s family when one told them of the 333 intention could be heard back in the Old Country.  My long suffering husband exclaimed I have more than that in pyjama bottoms (with penguins and or flowers).  I informed him abruptly that night garments do not count (they do).

I got the Jeans Drawer down to about 6 pairs and then started on the Tops Drawer (also holds skirts), this was an eye-opener.  As one who wears skirts for the 12 weeks of the year when it’s roasting here one is the owner of many skirts, 8 of them in a similar shade of grey.

But, I have to tell you just doing this alone has been amazing.  The other day I was called on for a work thing at the last minute…I opened the drawers which previously were stuffed with 35 pairs of jeans and nigh-on the same in skirts and, ahem, cardigans and chose from the (neatly folded, colour co-ordinated) limitations of my version of the 333.  Liberating.  The whole outfit was hanging up and ready to go for the next day in, oh, about twenty seconds.

One also passed as looking fairly nice.





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3 Responses to “Marmite Alright.”

  1. alison says:

    Thank you for another good laugh. And keep culling that wardrobe. The mental freedom it gives is wonderful.
    PS I don’t like Marmite. I’ve even (gasp) moved away from Vegemite to MightyMite, which is a tamer version of Vegemite.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your wardrobe decluttering mission sounds very interesting. This swiss woman could also need some inspirations in this department. Can you give us any vlogger links you like? Or what I would love even more, maybe you could do such a thing??
    See you