Trains, Coats and Potterheads

Sat 21st, Oct, 2017

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Hello from Sydney :)

Saturday here and looking out the French doors from my bed (with cup of tea) it’s looking like a lovely day – a sweet sea breeze is coming in up the hill and there is just enough sun to be warm but not that stifling heat we get here in the Summer…oh the joys of Spring.

Preparations are taking place here.  We are off to the Old Country and Europe for a holiday at Christmas.  We’ve been told that we’re mad to be going in Winter.  There has been a mention from more than one that the owner of this blog who does not shed her large Sydney Winter coat until the temp has gone over 23C, may find the weather conditions challenging.  If you see a woman being rolled along sideways by her husband in a sleeping bag designed for Arctic use at Heathrow, tap her on the shoulder and offer her a cup of tea (English, preferably Assam, strong but with milk, no sugar).

Life otherwise is tripping along – quite busy though.  Work-wise I’ve been styling for a couple of different jobs…one involves a heap load of flowers and a very nice photographer, the other lovely fabrics.  I’ve also been consulting all over the place so all in all am certainly not sitting around twiddling thumbs.

And I’m riding Sydney ferries and trains.  The ferry is, still, quite the novelty as a way of commuting, not so much when it’s more like surfing, but the  journey over sparkling blue water, past the Opera House and alongside the Harbour Bridge has to be one of the best commutes in the world (daresay).

But, trains, oh my I do love a train ride.  Years (and years) ago I used to take the train into London, daily, and love to trundle along past the back gardens of houses in South East London, so much life and like a back window into a world.  I must one day read Girl on the Train.  I hear it’s good.  But Sydney train riding through the old industrial areas.  Such good old building eye candy.

Talking of books, I am filling up my Kindle and about to go down a rabbit hole of binge reading…lots of different stuff on there, including but not limited to a diary of a junior doctor, real life cookbook, the life of a food critic in NYC and a few light fiction bits and bobs.   I have a new found love for my Kindle.  It took me a while to love it, it’s not as tactile as a book, there’s nothing like turning the pages of a book, but there’s nothing like having a tiny little lightweight tablet in your bag with a window to lots of new worlds.  I can successfully slip my Kindle into my smallest bag and even without that the Kindle app on my phone means I’m never more than a few buttons away from reading.  Feels like you’re never alone when you have book with you…

On subject matter, I’m also considering Harry Potter.  I’ve watched the first film and never had any compulsion to even look at the book, and then the other day walking  with Barley past our street library (little wooden glass door cabinet on someone’s fence) there was a big, fat, worn and loved Harry Potter book and I’m thinking it had my name on it.   So I opened up the door and popped it under my arm and home home it came.

Who knows, I may soon be yielding a wand, wearing round glasses and become the latest person to convert to Potterhead the world has known.

And poof with that I’ll be off.

See you next time.




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6 Responses to “Trains, Coats and Potterheads”

  1. alison says:

    I would love to know the places you’re going to in UK. I’m really interested in travelling there.
    Every time I go on a Sydney Harbour ferry it’s equally as exciting as the first time and I’ve been doing it for decades. Catching the train into Sydney is a trip down memory lane. So much of the view is still the same since my childhood.
    I’ve never considered a Kindle. My joy is listening to podcasts from Conversations with Richard Fidler on ABC radio. I don’t know what it is but I love listening to a good conversation whether I’m part of it or not. I find it like a form of meditation!
    Cheers, alison

    • Sarah says:

      Yes I m with you on podcasts, I love listening too…especially when gardening or walking

      what other ones do you like? x

  2. Mandy meza says:

    Oh Sarah once you start reading Harry Potter you’ll not stop till the end of all the books,it takes a grip of you and you feel yourself being transported to Hogwarts,I hope you enjoy being in the fantasy world of Harry….X

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah! I grew up on the northern beaches and always loved the ferry trip. You forget how spectacular it is when you’ve been away a while. There’s also ferry travel where I live now – equally spectacular but very different. Never really liked suburban trains – although travelling through London would be very interesting :)