Radios, Waves and Whipped Cream

Wed 25th, Oct, 2017

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Mid-morning here in Sydney and I’m sitting quietly with a lovely coffee (topped with a mahusive pile of whipped cream and brown sugar, yes my muffin top is definitely in the building), the French doors are open, the curtains are blowing in the breeze, Barls is collapsed on the carpet (grey wool twist just in case you’re interested), he’s recovering halfway down the hallway after a good half hour of ball chasing, somewhere in the distance the sound of the waves are crashing and a nearby neighbour’s radio is softly playing away…

I’m meant to be having a re-charging day-off day and while I’m hardly running around up to my eyes in stuff, I have an urge to start moving things around (furniture), rip every cover off every sofa and bed and wash the life out of everything and generally start organising things to within an inch of their life (still not attempted the Wardrobe of Floral Dresses I Do Not Wear Doom)…it must be a Spring thing.

I can tell you, as one who has far too much experience of foofing around the house, I am going to rein myself in and NOT start dragging things around the house and partaking in humongous loads of laundry (Australian sunshine drying day or not)….I am no longer either that young or that stupid…it will not end well and the other residents who now have uni and jobs and high school will get home from their respective long tiring days to a headless chicken of a woman roaming around, knackered, up to her eyes in cushion covers wondering why on earth she started it all.

I will instead be the calm, sorted, provider of a nice clean abode to arrive home to…glowy lamps on, candles lit, a big pot of something bubbling on the hob and the lovely bouquet of flowers bought for me yesterday arranged just so…

I will also be in ironed pyjamas.

In my dreams.

See you, one and all.


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11 Responses to “Radios, Waves and Whipped Cream”

  1. alison says:

    LOL, I’m slowly learning the art of slowing down. I have to override that strong urge to get extremely busy when I really need to stop, breathe, regroup and just be.

  2. Mary says:

    What will be in that big pot of something bubbling on the hob? Love your recipes.

  3. art says:

    enjoy and relax….life is good!

  4. Caro says:

    Hi from an old farmhouse on a damp and misty hillside in Wales (UK). I was scouting around for ideas on white painted floors, found your blog and couldn’t stop reading your other stuff, really enjoying your writing. We bought this house a year ago, ancient, 300 years old, it’s all slate and old wood, lopsided, I’m slowly bringing it back to life, gallons of white paint, coloured rugs , art on the walls, lamps, wall hangings, everything from charity shops. I’m inspired by your house even though we live in very different climates. x

  5. Neen says:

    Oh I hear you! I had three free hours to faff yesterday and I started out hard. Washing machine was humming away with cushion and couch covers, all the knick nacks were on the floor ready for dusting and de-cobwebbing. THEN ……the teenagers and their friends came home for a few hours. So I headed outside to pull up the weeds in the garden and re-pot plants. I was a woman on a mission, no slowing me down. I finished it all and ended up on the couch in PJ’s after a nice hot shower at 8pm. Hmmm I might need a lesson in slowing down ;)

  6. Marianne says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You probably don’t remember me but I am your long time fan from the Netherlands.
    I am in your neck of the woods this week. Staying at an AirBnB in Manly.
    Of course I read your guide to Manly from some years ago but do you have some new tips on what to do, see, eat and shop?
    Greetings from a fellow beach cottage loving, home blogging 40 something woman.
    Love Marianne (aka Songbird).