Thai and Stars

Sun 10th, Sep, 2017

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beach cottage blog

Hello, how are we all?

Oh a lovely weekend here in Sydney, sweet days with lovely weather, long ocean walks, celebrations and mooching around on a Sunday doing not much of not much.

After a birthday party, little black dress, lashings of Jo Malone on Friday night and then a 16km coastal pub crawl with lovely friends on Saturday, Sunday has been lovely out on the deck with the first signs of Spring.   I have a new book downloaded on my kindle, a book from the library recommended from my oldest, most favourite and loveliest blog (Stephanie Plum have you read? so far, very light and very get-under-a-patchwork-quilt and readable) and a back up of vlogs and blogs to catch up on.

I’m lazing on the outdoor sofa on the deck, about to light the chiminea, get a huge cosy blanket, pour a nice, local, craft beer, dot little lanterns here and there ready for sundown and carry on with my books…

In the depths of the house a Thai curry is on and a lovely Sunday evening of fires, star gazing, perhaps the hammock, planning our European trip and lovely comfort food stretches ahead.

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend.


ps. the flowers were wrapped in brown paper and given to me by my youngest son, bought on the way through the farmer’s market on his way home from his Sunday job, because, ‘he knew I would like them’.   Not flies on that one ;)


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2 Responses to “Thai and Stars”

  1. alison says:

    Just had a wonder around Kings Park in Perth WA for the Spring flower festival. Oh my, amazing place!!!

  2. Irene Jurado says:

    Oh just looking at these flowers and the beautiful photos that you posts – these are all inspiring and could make someone smile.