Goodbye to that again

Mon 25th, Sep, 2017

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Oh the days over here have been lovely and warm.  I have to say I am really going to miss Winter.  I think a Sydney Winter has to be up there with one of the best, if only it could throw in, say, a week of lovely white fresh powdery snow and not including the bit where it’s freezing cold, the snow has gone all murky and slushy grey with gritty bits and makes you fall over when you walk down the street.  I’m thinking more, you know, Alpine snow, with sunshine.

I believe most people around me though are delighting at Spring – the tourists are slowly starting to arrive in our little town again, there is much shedding of layers, ice creams are seen again on the street and I haven’t worn my Winter coat now for weeks… we also have a resident in this house who unlike his mother naturally pertains to minimalism particularly in the clothing department and owns three pairs of jeans and the same in shorts and dressing is by way of the rotation of these garments topped with 5 t shirts or shirts (he does not fear an avalanche of flowing floral dresses when he opens his wardrobe)…. we all know here that when he transitions from jeans to shorts Winter has most definitely gone for another nine months and he made the change on Friday.

I am planning new ventures now the one above is done and dusted, so far the venturing has involved one train ride, one short drive to a very naice suburb, two ferry rides (one fairly scary and choppy through the heads), some very nice meetings, approximately 30k steps and quite bizarrely only one offer of a cup of coffee.

If you meet me in a dark alley or a board room table, do please offer me a tea or coffee.  Preferably English Breakfast.

Adios.  S x


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One Response to “Goodbye to that again”

  1. Mary says:

    Looks gorgeous. And, I most certainly would offer you a beverage of some sort but it may happen to be a nice cold beer depending on the time of day :)