White Kitchens be my thing

Thu 17th, Aug, 2017

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(WIP shot, still in plastic, needs to silicone etc)

Hello!  How are we all?

Well, I am all good.  It’s the end of Winter in Sydney and things are slowly warming up.  Just back from a lovely long walk, a picnic lunch down by the beach and a dip in the harbour for mr bc (no, I don’t enter the water, only bath water, until the temp hits 30C).

I’ve finally got myself a new laptop after my last one (literally) burnt out.  What is it with technology, I mean it’s amazing (to me), I feel as one who has always been hungry for information and learning new things that I was made for the internet and having a mini computer in my pocket, but sheesh these things don’t last long do they…and it seems that to ask someone to fix something returns a blank look as if you have six heads and are asking them to jump on the back of a pig and take a little trip to the moon.   Errrrr it’s cheaper to buy a new one.  But I don’t want a new one, I’d rather not fill up the landfill, I would like to fix this one…again.  Blank look.  Well yes I know but it’s cheaper to get a new one.   I’d rather not.  Blank look.  Well yes but you’ve had it repaired twice already!!  And on it went.

So I came home with a matt (apparently it’s the new look, I wanted silver but was told it wasn’t on trend and not in stock for weeks), sleek, very light, very very fast and to be quite frank ******* lovely new laptop (best friend).  Which means I am able to pop on here to say hello. (Let me tell you, if you are chugging along with an older piece of equipment, upgrading is mind bogglingly different – apps, websites, youtube etc etc are all SO SO SO much faster).

I’ve been busy with work, this reno is pretty much done, though all the last finishing things, like silicone, power point completion, door closures,  etc need ticking off the list and we are in the process of the next house  (kitchen above, snapped on my phone, I have though dusted off my big girl’s camera and will, at some point, hopefully get some nice pics of the place).

I will be doing a before and after post (the befores are full of filthy, old, smelly interiors, gotta love that) and a post detailing all the sources etc., just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet (been rather busy crawling around on the floor clearing up after tradies).

I feel very behind on everything else.  Being at the other house has meant I get in early evening, collapse, run a bath, eat, go to bed, rinse and repeat and so to that end, our house needs a really good sort, I dunno, all looks fine from the outside but you know when you know that underneath it’s chaos.  Case in point my wardrobe.  I can barely open it and am surviving on two pairs of jeans and a few jumpers in rotation because to remove anything from the wardrobe will mean the whole thing will come tumbling down and I will die by way of suffocating under a mountain of clothes that don’t suit me (read :  floral dresses).  I have been saving said floral dresses (when I wear jeans every single day)  for the day in the future when I don’t give a **** enough about what suits me, and walk around our little town flowing in a floral dress with all the bits I don’t like on show.

I have so much I want to do, say write, think about though, I just need another ten or so hours in the day and I’ll be fine.  I’ve still been reading, though nowhere near as much as I’d like, a few good book club books have come to me lately and a few I’ve had to painfully skim read and give up half way through.  I’m enjoying Hidden Figures, this kinda book is right up my alley, though the detail is quite full on – for our book club event we are going to someone’s house for pizza, drinks and to watch the film (of the book), so that should be really nice – shudder to the memories of the book club I attended whereupon there were serious notes and the ensuing discussion was more dedicated than a NASA meeting itself.  I’m also reading another book (have six on the go at any one time) about exploring the (sub) urban area (didn’t realise this was a thing – to explore everyday places, and have always done it, apparently it is – on that note going out to a new suburb to see it with the new eyes of the book).   I’ve also just read a critique book of another book I am a huge fan of and have to say that the whole thing, apparently written by some professor of literature and lecturer, dreadfully written (and you thought my sentence structure was ghastly).  Lastly, I have a book from our street library (in someone’s garden – you have to deposit one to take one, I deposited one of Mr BC’s thrillers and took one on walking) about the pathways of the Motherland, which follows the ancient networks of routes around England (on foot).

Rightio, on that note I will love you and leave you, I have a suburb to observe (after work) with newly informed eyes.



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9 Responses to “White Kitchens be my thing”

  1. alison says:

    Just love reading these kind of posts. Very therapeutic for the soul.

  2. Vicki Clark says:

    I am going through the same trauma with my smartphone. The touchscreen is malfunctioning (I can’t use “t”, “c,” f or g when I text, makes for some funny looking messages). I’m told it’s “not worth it” to fix a three year old phone.If I want to get an equivalent phone, it will cost over $600! Gone are the days when you got a “free” phone every two years in return for a two year service contract. Fortunately we have sweet young techies at the phone shop who are very patient with grumpy ladies like me!

    I love the “little free libraries” too. We have them here in the States.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So nice! Sounds like a fabulous job/reno…looking forward to photos…Enjoy your warming weather!

  4. Michelle says:

    So glad to see you back, I miss our little one sided chats. The house looks like it is coming along nicely, we moved recently so I can only imagine the chaos of a reno. I think we all have those floral dreamy numbers hanging somewhere in our wardrobes just waiting for the day we step out of our fairytales.

  5. Allan Mclean says:

    Just found your blog its really good read thanks

  6. The Furnshop says:

    White always looks classy. This kitchen is looking beautiful.