The Beach Cottage Reno Project

Thu 18th, May, 2017

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aussie flippers

Hellooooo lovely ladies.  Long time no see.  How are you all?  I wonder if The Man From the Netherlands is still here?

Rightio, well the other day I posted on my Facebook page (first time in a very long time) wondering if anyone was interested in the updates of the house reno project I’m working hard (very) on.  Well lots said yes and I had so many emails and messages too – who knew I’d been missed, haha, the lack of my rambling has not gone un-noticed.   I won’t go into why I haven’t been here in this little (white and coastal) corner of the interwebs so much, because, really it was not a lot more than I needed a break and it kinda lasted…and though lots have asked I don’t really think the world needs my (experienced) knowledge on social media.

Anyway, our sixth reno project and a flip (some of the things we’ve found have not made me flip, or dance and there are no vintage doors to lick) is full steam ahead.

The last few weeks have thrown up a few problems, but we now have the exterior a lovely new coastal grey with white trim, the deck built and ready for some love, the kitchen units are in, worktops in place and bathrooms tiled.

Here in the kitchen we’ve installed a cafe window which completely opens up to the Summer room which is as yet untouched apart from ripping out the old lino and cleaning, but is brimming with lovely Australian sunshine, full of fresh air and I swear sighing a heave ho woosh of breath out to be getting some love (before it was a pet area and let’s just say I don’t think it had seen a mop for a while).

I’ve been sourcing lots of bits and bobs from here and there for the styling – lots of white, but new for me some black (taps and pendants) and also quite a bit of rattan and beech, lovely hanging chairs and some pretty white cane.

More pics soon….can’t beat a good before and after featuring zeeeee Power of Paint.

See ya




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4 Responses to “The Beach Cottage Reno Project”

  1. Laura says:

    Sarah, I have missed you and your blog posts so much! I don’t necessarily read for reno or decorating advice, though it’s fun to see it… it’s more that I just love your writerly voice and I’ll be glad to read just about anything you feel like writing about! I enjoy your life philosophy, your love of the beach, your adventures with business, your love for your home, your fashion ideas, your lovely cooking experiements (and styling), and just generally your stories and reflections about everyday life as a mom, woman, wife, friend. Ooh, that’s good stuff! I know writing about your life in such a personal way probably felt quite vulnerable sometimes, so I understand that at times you may have taken steps away because of web trolls, etc., but for every troll, I bet three are dozens (or hundreds) of faithful readers looking forward to your storytelling! Just glad to see you back here and I hope you’re doing well.

  2. Shirl' says:

    So glad to see this post today! Missed you!

  3. Bec says:

    Sarah you have definitely been missed around these parts! I know you probably got sick of rambling away to a computer screen but it did bring lots of joy and happiness to people on the other side!

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