kitchens, bathrooms and picnics

Sun 9th, Apr, 2017

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Hello from me.

I’m sitting here in our bedroom on the sofa, the window is  open, the lamps are on, a soft cool breeze is coming up the hill off of the sea, the sky is that lovely just-about-to-get-dark inky blue and someone somewhere is barbecuing.

The evenings here are now dark by 6pm and the scorching temperatures of just a few weeks ago seem to have, at last, gone.   We now have lovely warm days with the temperatures dropping late arvo and the mornings cooler and suitable for pyjamas.

Today, Mr BC, Barls and I have been for a nice long walk, a sit by the sea and a picnic lunch of pate, French stick from the European bakery and lovely English cheese, washed down with a couple of craft beers.  We sat by the sea at the wharf bustling with locals and tourists alike and watched the ferries coming in and out, the sky a gorgeous Autumn blue…(pics on my Insta).

I have been working a lot on our other house – things are going well and the kitchen is close to being ready to fit, including a lovely bi-fold window and island.  I’ve planted the bones of the garden (tropical, drought friendly, low maintenance) and have chosen paint colours etc.  There have been a few hiccups here and there, though to be honest I have done this enough times now to know that hiccups are part of it all, so it hasn’t been too worrying.

Next the bathrooms are ready to be screeded, waterproofed and roughed in, the outside sink and bar fridge installed, the deck built and outside painted and then ding dong the good stuff (styling and prettying up) starts.

I am actually quite tired, not tired of it all, but as in physically tired, but a good tired and really enjoying getting stuck into it.  My body definitely knows we bought a house in Sydney in need of love.

So onto the next week of the project, the Easter holidays and hopefully getting to the stage where all the actual hard work is finished and the other work, which makes it looks good starts – unfortunately, unlike the completely unrealistic ‘reality’ tv shows whereby the actual work bit is skimmed over,  the boring, demo, install real work takes a lot more time, a lot more manpower and a lot more budget than is ever let on.

Rightio, I will be off.

Even though it’s Sunday, we are not having a roast (unheard of), we are having pan-fried pork (not by me, I don’t do pans or frying) spinach and ricotta gratins, and the latest episode of Broadchurch, where I will forget that I live in the most beautiful country in the world, in a city where for most of the year I don’t need to wear a coat, where my children have a safe lovely life and I will spend an hour lusting at the countryside of an English, albeit with a grisly crime going on, coastal town.

See you next time.


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4 Responses to “kitchens, bathrooms and picnics”

  1. alison says:

    :) Nice to hear from you. I just don’t do those reno reality shows – too far removed from reality.


  2. Carla says:

    I just realize that i was missing your blog. Are you just once a month now?

  3. Jane says:

    Thanks for the update – hope the Easter break has some rest in it for the renovators. Am also loving the Broadchurch new series.

  4. Natasha says:

    I hear ya. We love our life in Nova Scotia but whilst I watch Broadchurch I am almost overwhelmed by the desire to be there, back in that English life.