Boil Wash

Thu 16th, Mar, 2017

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Hello!  How are you?

It’s Friday as I write this and that means the house gets cleaned from top to bottom, or in our case, one end to the other and then downstairs.

I, believe it or not, little cherubs on the other side of this screen, am boiling whites on a huge pot on the top of the stove.  It seems women have come a long way since they were solely in charge of things like big washing pots, but today, looking for a solution to ahem rather stinky shirts (not mine, nor that of my good marital partner) I thought it might be a good idea to boil the **** out of them.

And my is it mighty fulfilling.  If you are feeling at odds with the world, and perhaps have some time on your hands, may I suggest taking a pot (I have a washer style vintage one) fill it with water, a little washing detergent and put a few things in it (cotton, white, I cannot be held responsible for anything) pop it onto your hob and sit there and watch it steaming away and filling the house with a (very) clean washing scent.  You may also, at the same time, pretend to do other (cleaning type) chores but instead have a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate.


Back again, I have been to take the lovely Barls to the groomers today, so he is smelling adorable.  I often think it would be nice to be taken somewhere to be groomed.  I mean how fabulous would it feel?  One would be dropped off after a long tiring walk, one would then be hydro-washed (I think that sounds nice) with a nice long head, ear and body massage.  Directly afterwards, one would move to be dried, fluffed and buffed.  The hairs in places one should (purportedly) not have hair would be removed and one’s nails would be done.

After this has all be done, and someone else has paid, one would be chauffeur driven home where one would get a treat for being so good and would spend the rest of the day snoozing on the sofa.

Sounds like a dog’s life to me.


On our other house progress, we are doing well, though there are a few hiccups which is par for the course.  Originally we were going to go absolutely gang busters at it and turn it over really quickly, however, after both looking at figures (the house market is flying in Sydney) and our main business which is busy (good), we have decided to do this reno a bit more slowly and it will be more my project rather than the both of us project managing so it can be pushed through quickly.

To be quite honest I was a little wary of the original plan to do everything at lightning speed – though this will be our sixth reno we’ve never done one with a fast turnaround before, and I am no architect (though seeing some of the work of some, particulary where we live, perhaps I should be) and think one needs time to get the feel of things when one is not experienced…

So the plans have all been drawn up (though there is nothing major or structural) and, on paper, it looks good and very white.   With marble and beech and lots of grey.


That’s about it from me for now, oh and am still less fat.  I’ve upped the walking and it’s showing (or in case of muffin, not showing/spilling).  I wish I could be all trendy and say I had, you know, successfully eliminated sugar, or alcohol, or saturated fats, or I dunno, carbs.  I have done none of that, I’ve just podcasted away the pounds.

I think the Podcast Diet sounds a million times better than some…like that whole alkaline thing.  Really?  Have you ever been bored out of your brain by someone (the size of a twig) pontificating on the success of eating to be alkaline (I think that’s what she was striving to ascertain anyway) and the strength (or not) of their urine.  I have.  It’s far from fun.  I mean,  honestly, I’d rather watch a pot of whites boiling.

With that, I will be off.

Goodbye from a very wet and lovely and cool (and nearly boot time) Sydney.



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17 Responses to “Boil Wash”

  1. alison says:

    Hi Sarah
    So, let me get this right. You ate less calories, exercised more and lost weight. Good stuff. Congratulations!

    I bought two quilt covers on sale and they both looked awful. But the amazing thing is I got both of them back into their plastic packets so I can get a refund. A proud moment in my day when I punched the air. As exciting as watching clothes in boiling water.

    Can’t wait til your next real estate adventure. Hubby and I are about to prepare a property for holiday rental. I’m finding it a little stressful so trying to keep calm and take it one step at a time working through the To Do List.

    A little off topic but I have to tell you, being a former UK citizen.I wrote a letter to Sir David Attenborough and he hand wrote a letter back to me. What a legend. I’ll always treasure this letter.


    • Sarah says:

      wow he is a legend! maybe you can auction it on ebay??????

      I am imagining the struggle with quilt cover package…xoxoxoxoox

  2. Tracy says:

    Sarah, how did the whites turn out? I found some funky tees when cleaning out my sons closet. Ah, teenagers!

  3. Vicki says:

    Congratulations on the success of the old-fashioned weight loss plan! And I agree, nothing is more mind-numbing than listening to someone pontificate about about the evils of the latest food we’re told is “toxic.” (said she who just finished an entire 4 servings of instant banana pudding for lunch, and it was DELICIOUS). :)

  4. Anna says:

    Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I too would like to be a doggie that goes to the groomers. Thank you for the post.

  5. Anorina says:

    I’ve never heard of boil-washing but gee I want to go and try it now. I might go and start with the tea towels and work up from there.

  6. Thanks for tips. Will help me a lot.

  7. dolores says:

    pls send me updates via email. have subscribed, but not received any for quite awhile. I do miss them thank you dolores

  8. Neen says:

    Boiled washing ! you go girl ! Love reading about your washing. Good luck with the new reno, sounds exciting.
    Gotta say I’m looking forward to some more rain here. Yesterday we had rain for the first time in months, our little tiny garden gave a sigh of relief. Boots weather looms here too, Easter is in the air.
    Lovely post dear Sarah, Neen :)

  9. merilyn says:

    hello lovely sarah!
    you always put a smile on my dial hun!
    I must boil up some white cottons myself as they are a rather funny no colour at the mo!
    I remember my mother had a copper and a wooden stick to keep pushing those sheets back down to have their lives boiled out of them! … I will never forget that aroma!
    noice memory!
    all the best for the reno have to hand it to you guys!
    I always watch those fixer upper shows from the us and they do some amazing things! … don’t have it in me now!
    i’ll just boil up me linens and potter in the garden and paint things grey and or white!
    have a good one hun! I do low carbs and all good on no muffin here!
    much love m:)X

  10. Diane says:

    It’s really too bad we can’t boil the stink out of teen boys shoes!

  11. Susan says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I just thought I’d say hello as it’s been a while. I seriously need to organize the doggie spa day for my golden — she’s shedding and her hair is killing me. I’ve been watching your instastories with the new project. I feel like we are ready for something now too but it could be as simple as pulling out some kitchen cupboards and having a big window over our sinks. It just means I will lose my divine marble spashback – not happy. Ciao Bella xx

  12. DeAna says:

    Ooh, I wish I would have known about boiling whites before I used a whole sack of old underoo’s to start a weenie roast. Good fire starters those.
    I may boil a pot of detergent next time I want a clean smelling house instead of stashing dryer sheets inconspicuously. Great idea Sarah! Way better than all that scrubbing! ;)