the tuesday before christmas

Tue 20th, Dec, 2016

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It’s the Tuesday morning before Christmas and I’ve walked down the hill after a morning pottering and doing laundry, a beauty of a pre-Christmas warm, sunny day with a wondrously fresh wind coming in off the ocean.  There is Skirt Wearing happening in these parts, which certainly means, by my barometer if no-one else’s, that Summer is well and truly here (not sure if you remember The Stripy Skirt from the early days of this blog, but this recent skirt which I must tell you about soon, beats that one hands down), sandals are on, sunscreen is not an optional accessory…the same can be said for sunnies.

…and I’m sitting in my joint first favourite cafe in a our little coastal town (it’s joint place with the daggiest place in town, the one with the old folk with their personal mugs, a bit grubby, locals only, with a limited menu.  This one however is fancier and dare I say it, rather European, yet staffed with, and full of, the kind of Europeans who love Australia and take the huge step to make it their home – that is a good kind of Australian I have come to learn, though ask me that five years ago and I would have avoided them like the plague).

Next, after the gorgeous (huge, navy Nordic blue) cup of peppermint tea and poach eggs on toast, I need to stroll around to the shops to get a few more bits and bobs for mr bc (most probably the most difficult human in the world to buy gifts for e v e r ), then I’m heading into the library (just to, you know, add another pile to the pile of books I’m collecting to read for the holidays).   Am also (shudder) sporadically toying with the idea of heading into the bikini shop for swimmers….this has been a long time coming and, most definitely, if one were not living in a climate where swimmers were a required item of clothing at this time of year, one would not, in any shape or form, be either perusing, shopping or trying on garments in any of these establishments.   Needs must though.  I guess it’s better than shopping for snow boots?

Ahhh I love these days of December – blinding skies, sunshine, long walks to the beach, hot gardens, surfboards and bike rides, neighbours watering buffalo lawns, chicken salads, clear nights with bright stars, books, cups of tea and hammocks.

And unusual holiday-time-of-year outings – impulsively (well actually not quite we’ve been wanting to go for a long time) this week we go to our first comedy night, as in a live comedy night in an old, dark and dingy underground club.   We walk down, sit on old stools, gathered round a stage so close we might as well sit on it ourselves, old too-long red velvet curtains hide equipment from another show, wires run across the stage, a lone timber stool stands beside a mic.  We order the $10 special and schooners of beers.   The beers go down well after the heat of the day, the warm up act does just that, warms us up and the main guy does not disappoint.  We all laugh out loud, drink more beers and laugh some more.  How good is laughing for the soul.  It feels so good to have finally been to a live comedy show!  Roll on more attendances and the more ticking off of things on the bucket list (hello lil0-ing, you may want to google it, a revelation we have discovered is most popular where we will be shortly holidaying, will report back soon).

And now I’m home here, after a hop on the bus back up the hill with a book bag rammed from the library, there are no swimmers, or gifts, there is though tea in the pot, scent from the tree, an empty hammock and a rather deliciously large pile of books to explore.

After the tea will move to the tub with a new tv show downloaded…the house is tidy (as tidy as will ever be with 3 not so young offspring in the house), hoovered and mopped (Dettol) the bathroom is cleaned and bleached, jacket potatoes are in the oven with toppings of cheese and pulled pork, under my bed is laden with gifts to wrap and a very local and very large jug of very potent and very fresh beer has been chilling in the fridge…. oh the Christmas holidays are good.


p.s. am not destined to have naked tree in life until one is lonely old woman- hermit dressed in long skirts and longer cardigans – went to Melbourne for Christmas shopping, daughter time (invest invest invest) and general sight seeing and on arrival home naked tree was fully dressed by zee males…may or may not have tweaked ;)



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8 Responses to “the tuesday before christmas”

  1. Mandy meza says:

    So enjoy your blogs…thankyou for a glimpse into your Aussie life….x

  2. merilyn says:

    all lovely thankyou sarah!X
    and the tree is beautiful too!
    much love m:)X

  3. Dorothy says:

    Hello Sarah, please divulge the source for your periwinkle throw with pinkish tassels. Love it, hope it’s available on-line as I’m a California girl. Thanks

  4. DeAna says:

    I love your tree. Not naked, but scantily clad. ;) ooh la la

  5. Jane says:

    Merry Christmas Sarah

  6. Shirl' says:

    Merry Christmas Sarah!

  7. Susan says:

    Your Christmas tree looks lovely, and I love the blanket wrap :)

  8. Kimberley says:

    Your tree is beautiful Sarah, love the big knitted tree skirt too!
    I so enjoy reading about your Australian life…it sounds heavenly right about now…as we are freezing with snow up to our ankles… ;)
    Happy Holidays! Kimberley