A Kranky Roast

Sun 11th, Dec, 2016

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Oh the lovely warm sunshine-y Saturday arvos are here.  It’s the first Saturday since October that we haven’t been up early, with a lunchbox (layered salad in Mason Jars, a lump of French pate and water biscuits or a baguette) packed and a drive off for the day to go looking at houses for our next reno project.  It feels really good to have an easy Saturday morning.  Up late, after a night out (ferry over the water to the city and a night under the stars at the Opera Bar – Harbour Bridge to the left, Opera House to the right) and a lovely and very large lay in.   A big pot of tea for five, a lump of warmed brioche in pyjamas on the sofa.  And then not much more, popping up to the loft to bring down the Christmas decs, watering the garden, listening to the lifeguards calling to the tourists as the wind catches their voices and sends them up the hill, open French windows, bare feet, a lunch of chopped veggies, pate and toast…

And now it’s Sunday.  I’ve actually been a tad under the weather for the last few days and it all came to a head last night while out at a Christmas function with friends barefoot bowling (a little tradition at Christmas-time in our group).  I was the one barefoot bowling in a singlet, jumper, wool cardigan and fur collar, down-filled coat, while others around me were in shorts.  I did drink quite the fair share of jugs of fresh beer though to make up for the chills.  We drank, bowled, ate pizza and proceeded to leave the car and get an uber home, which when it turned up was a red sports car – thought by all to be rather hilarious.
So, yes, Sunday has brought me nursing a sore throat, drinking tea and sitting next to the Christmas tree (only wearing lights).  My lovely husband has been pottering around, mowing the lawn and is, after a lazing outside on the sofa, doing a roast (chickens, potatoes, garlic, mushrooms).   The house is filled with roast dinner smell, which will always be my Sunday smell.
Christmas is looming isn’t it?  I’m actually doing pretty well, that mainly though is for two reasons…firstly one’s offspring are having bits and bobs (their words and apparently a tradition I’ve unknowingly fulfilled every year) and not much else and secondly we are having a very very easy Christmas this year.  I’ll be getting a ham and a turkey and cooking them on Christmas Eve for dinner either with roast potatoes and veggies or salads and we’ll be having the meats cold on Christmas Day down the beach.  We ended up doing a similar thing last year (cooked the ham and had it in the Summer Room late evening) and strolled down the beach with beers on Christmas Day and it worked out very well.  This year we are going to extend the drinks on the beach to a Christmas picnic on the beach and to the meats add seafood and salads.  I recently had a new (to me) salad from Brazil which was delicious so I’ve googled a recipe for that and it will be coming with us…
Anyway, sorry, have to go, the roast is ready and a screening of Christmas With the Kranks is taking place…I’ve never seen it..
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7 Responses to “A Kranky Roast”

  1. Shannon says:

    It sounds like a wonderful Christmas season so far in your corner of the world. Taking the leftovers to the beach on Christmas Day is a great idea! Love your tree skirt. Did you make that?
    Feel better soon. Xoxo

  2. Shannon says:

    And the sports car uber story is awesome.

  3. shar y says:

    Oh, it looks so peaceful and heavenly. I just want to stare at the calmness. My home currently is like the old road runner: spinning its wheels and getting nowhere! I guess that is just the holidays, right???

  4. Natalie says:

    Love this post. You’re so good at this blogging thing Sarah. Please keep it up. And your pictures are so beautiful and calming. Thanks for putting it all out there for our benefit. It does the soul good ❤️️

  5. merilyn says:

    oh dear! … hope you are feeling better soon sarah!
    you are a good story teller hun!
    love the fresh tree you’ve chosen and hope to see it decorated too!
    take it easy and smell the flowers!;))
    much love m:)X

  6. janita says:

    Merry Christmas…. Love having you back : )

  7. Kimberley says:

    Your tree is so pretty, bare and all – perfectly pretty!
    I love me a good Christmas movie and that one was funny!
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Sarah! Kimberley