Thu 1st, Dec, 2016

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Ah, close to the end of the year already.  I definitely missed the middle of the year it seems.  It’s hard to believe that the cooler weather is long gone and soon we will be enveloped in the sunshine and heat that is a Sydney Summer.    I’m not sure why it always takes me so long to be ready for the Summer, it always seems to creep up on me and then bang it’s blinding hot and walking down the beach is the only option to keep one cool.

Spring, indeed, has been lovely here this year – unusually hot days mixed in with jeans, tee shirt and sandals days.  Nice warm mornings and afternoons, the cooler air coming in off the coast in the early evening.  Barls goes from scooting around after the ball to lazing horizontally, collapsed in the front hallway outside a bedroom door, where cool air comes up through the floorboards from the back of the house (which is in the shade) as if to say what was I thinking, now I’m so hot.

Talking of floorboards, these lovely old wide 100 year old boards will soon be turning a nice shade of white or grey very soon.  I am no longer willing to live with the colour they are now, ditto the roof (roof tile colour, not pretty).  I’ve had a few tradies here to quote, lots of sucking in of teeth, lots of clarifications on whether or not one really wants a white floor, lots of rubbing of chins, sighing, sheeshing.  But it’s happening.   It seems my timing is a little off as I will be overseeing the whole of this house being sanded, painted and sealed while we are living it it (offspring will have to sleep in garage or garden haha) and the project management of  BCIII.  Yes that’s happening too.


In light of that I have been doing a lot of research, visiting kitchen and bathroom showrooms and generally spending much time looking at home decor online…it’s a tough life… but I have to get the plans drafted and the interiors ordered shortly because of the lead time and having to take into account the Christmas break….the look in the new house will (obviously) have to appeal to those who do not randomly place old vintage doors around their home, lick wide floorboards or decorate with Wellington boots.  So I am going to go for a modern Australian coastal look – of course that means I’ve chosen a scandinavian (because we are so close to scandinavia with a similar climate), white kitchen (though right at the point of order I think I may change this to a mushroom-y very light grey), with some open shelving, an island with integrated breakfast bar and drinks fridge, plus industrial pendant lights (though not a vintage look, a blush concrete), french doors and a stackable serving window to the outdoor entertaining area.  The bathroom is in a similar vein (as in a modern scandi look) with a standalone bath (not a vintage style slipper like the one we put in here, more an oval classic), black (yes, you read that right, no I have not been drinking) tap-ware, walk in shower, white herringbone tiles (laid that way not actually herringbone) with marble tiles to floor, industrial lighting….and a similar look in the ensuite.   I’ve been pinning the look on Pinterest if you want an idea.   The main living area will be nordic grey flooring with a light charcoal grey carpeting to the bedrooms.   Outside we will be adding a deck (grey) to both the back (entertainer’s, some of which will be undercover) and to the front.   I am stock piling cladding for inside and out ;)

All quite exciting, I’ll need to remember the exciting end bit when the rip out starts, there is dust everywhere and the inevitable problems with availability of product (which always happens here in the land of the lucky) start to happen and my daily outfit of choice is painting clothes and we are on a very tight turnaround time.

Oh and Christmas?  Who is ready?  I keep seeing whole houses decorated on instagram.  Like two weeks ago.   I haven’t even opened the loft hatch yet to venture up there and find the decs.   I like to wait until December is in full swing for Christmas decorating, though I did see this morning on the way to the beach that the fresh trees are arriving at the weekend.  Hip hip hooray I love that smell.  I was thinking about putting the tree in the Summer Room this year, then I remembered where I live, not on the coast of England where it’s chilly and cosy, but on the eastern seaboard of Australia where one’s Summer Room can most certainly not be trusted to keep a Christmas tree looking perky for the next three weeks.

Further to my lack of preparedness for the Silly Season, I have ONE Christmas present and that is a football shirt on the way from the Old Country and an order from a certain Australian underwear company who, so far, have taken over a week to process my order, let alone get it in the post to me, let’s just hope it gets here before the 24th.

I do though have not one, but TWO Christmas Summer dresses bought, done and dusted, my Christmas sandals and many an invite to social gatherings from very lovely friends (because who needs any other kind of friends?).





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12 Responses to “close”

  1. Mandy meza says:

    Loving the two sofa’s….x

  2. Jan Withers says:

    Hi Sarah. You’re marvellous at renovating in a coastal style. Love the sound of the Scandinavian look. All your ideas are wonderful. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead. Yes I agree after having the coldest wettest and most windy winter, summer has appeared and I’m not prepared BUT I love it. Love the beach. Good luck. Jan

  3. Sue. says:

    The new place sounds great. I like the sound of the grey colors. Best wishes!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What colour is the paint in this living room?

  5. DeAna says:

    I’M SO EXCITED!!! *sigh* CAN’T WAIT!!! (For BCIII)

    • Sarah says:

      me too! I have an excuse to purchase homewares without hiding them in the back of the wardrobe!!! hahahahahhahaha

  6. Neen says:

    A black bath ? Who are you ? Whaaaat !!!!
    Can’t wait to see your new ABC reno number 3! Christmas foofing starts here this weekend ! Yay !! Neen ;)

  7. merilyn says:

    hi lovely!
    all sounds like you’ve got a handle on things hun!
    loving the look of that room and your new house will be interesting i’m sure!
    I love a scandi look too!
    much love m:)X