french doonas and sun baking pups

Wed 22nd, Jun, 2016

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Hello dear Beach Cottage friends, how are you all?

June, and we are in the middle of Winter on the beaches.  There is one thing this means and one thing only in my oh so very exciting life.  Wooly tights and the Christmas Boots from the U S of A.

Actually make that two things.  Ok three.  Lighting a real fire (best thing we have spent a vast amount of dosheroo on in a very long time) in the afternoon and getting the sofa ready, candles etc for bingeing on tv shows and long deep hot baths, also with said candles and lots and lots of library books (currently reading a book about the women in SOE in WWII who recruited, trained and delivered spies into Nazi- occupied Europe – fascinating and chilling, I am loving it.  Also borrowed Cider with Rosie which is a trilogy about English life at the end of WWI which I cannot wait to start and cannot believe I’ve never heard of before).

It’s kinda Wintery for Sydney…leaves on the floor, big seas, bare frangipanis all around, crisper air, stormy weather, great big Australian clear black skies at nights with lots of stars.  So lovely to wrap up in a coat and scarf early evening, in the boots, and pop down the hill for a drink with Mr BC after work, in a pub by the fire.

And that is about all I have been doing…work has been slower than anticipated, for a reason I won’t bore you with, but safe to say once we’ve been to Hawaii and back, I will be looking on these few months where I have been sloth-like and, mostly, dressed in pyjamas, as pure luxury.

In the house things are looking better and better…slowly we are getting there, the hallway is about finished now, loving the grey carpet and now have mirrors on the wall…I keep meaning to get the camera out….it’s too much effort to lift it while in holiday mode ;)

I now, also, have a dressing table area which consists of a unit I found pre-loved, with a lovely old mirror on top…so nice to have a place for my perfumes and bits and bobs at last.

Rightio, I am off, oh and there has been the partaking in the Buying of Bedlinen, hello French doona cover.  Yes, it is, at the moment, awaiting the big reveal and is hidden, safely, tucked right at the back of the armoire.  In the espionage of Doona Hiding, one is an expert.





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12 Responses to “french doonas and sun baking pups”

  1. Alison says:


  2. Mandy meza says:

    Love reading your posts,just wondering are you winding them done as you don’t seem to do as many now,are you stopping your blog?hope not,your the best blog when wanting to read about vintage stuff and beach life…

  3. sonia says:

    Sigh…I miss seeing your gorgeous face on Fridays. That is all xx

  4. Lara Moore says:

    Those lights are incredible, I love them so much.

    I have to say, I’m kinda jealous of your pup – he looks like he’s having a lovely time there! It’s supposedly summer here in the UK, but, you know, it’s the UK… The jumpers are always out.


  5. That is such a pretty blanket on your pooch. I love the colours. By the way, does a house that is almost entirely white “feel” colder in the cold weather?

  6. Neen says:

    Winter hit here today, only 7 degrees brrrrr. I look forward to photos of said doone;0 and thrifted unit/mirror plus the wall of mirrors with the stairs carpeted ;0
    Enjoy your holiday in the warm weather, Neen :)

  7. 增达信购 says:


  8. 蒂欧娜 says:


  9. Rosie says:

    Where are you, dear? We miss you!! Hope all is well.

  10. Missy Yanchuck says:

    Missing you here!!! Hope you are well…

  11. Deborah says:

    Hello Sarah, Just had a very pleasant afternoon going through all your lovely posts, done alot of pinning and am really inspired by your what I’m wearing now post xx

  12. Anonymous says:

    helloo lovely! hope all is well with you and yours hun!
    all good but need to see said boots ofcourse!
    much love m:)X