Thu 2nd, Jun, 2016

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Aloha Beach Cottage ladies, aloha I believe is very topical at the moment as we are soon ready and raring to get on a jet plane to visit the Hawaiian islands…this has been on the bucket list of mr bc and I since we met and this year it’s happening.  Yay.  Just a little bit excited for the Pearl Harbour stuff.

Well, my long holiday and time off is sadly beginning to come to an end (other than the trip to Hawaii) and my new job is looming.  Exciting, but I am beginning to wonder how I ever got out the door (in clothes not floral pjs and lets not even think how I ever got 3 children to school on time) before 10 am.  I mean there’s coffee to drink, tv show re-runs to watch, baths to soak in and books to write…eiderdowns to snuggle under, pooches to cuddle up with, chocolate cake (have new recipe, is fantabulous) and soup to make.

I’ve been totally vegging out on all of this…lovely long days of doing not much save walking to the library and lumping big baskets of books back up the hill (latest is Anzac Girls, loving), ambling along looking out at a Wintery ocean, finding a new (to me) coffee shop for lunch and slowly but surely sorting the house out (bedroom floor is now finished and just waiting to find a sink-in-able sofa for the new space created by moving bed under window -on insta if you wanna see).

It’s getting much chillier here on the beaches…Winter suddenly arrived and we’ve gone from no fire and t-shirts and jeans to all the rugs out, thick heavy layers on the beds, hot water bottles, throws all over the place and little dogs under quilts on the sofa…

Adios for now



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9 Responses to “Chilly”

  1. Alison says:

    Hi Sarah
    Best wishes for your new job. I admire you so much. You’re a hard worker who reaps the benefits that follow and who deals with challenges systematically.
    Cheers, alison

  2. Shannon says:

    Cozy beds, fires and coffee sound lovely.
    Hawaii!! Have a wonderful time. I don’t know if you have Groupon in Oz, but you can get the app and while you’re in the islands, if you decide to do something, pop on there, see if theres a deal for the restaurant or excursion you want to do and hopefully save some $ before buying at the ticket office.
    Mahalo for all your work on the blog. It’s always like getting a note from an old friend.

  3. Tracy says:

    Hawaii is fantastic. Pearl Harbour is amazing. We rented cars and drove everywhere on the big island. It was an adventure for sure. Take lots of memory cards for your camera! Enjoy

  4. Tracy says:

    If you like Anzac Girls, try “Somewhere in France”. It’s historical fiction, British nurse, French clearing station, adventure and romance. Takes you to the era for sure! Hi from Canada

  5. Rukmini roy says:

    Congratulations on your new job. But you know what? I know what you mean. I took a break for about an year once and on those last days of house-wifing I wondered how am I ever going to go out of that door and is it even necessary! Hah! Like at that point of time I even thought I’d work just for a better lens and when I have it I’ll quit :D Too bad the jobs real cool and so are the people. Have fun and congratulations once again!

  6. merilyn says:

    sounds good sarah!
    it’s a hard life for that pooch in your place hun!
    lovely! much love m:)X

  7. Susan says:


    I hope you are keeping safe with the storms which have been ravaging the Sydney coast. I’ve been thinking of you and my other northern beach friends.

  8. janica says:

    i love the quilted sheets…
    that bed looks so cozy <3 <3 <3
    i missed visiting this blog. :)

    i blog here: http://www.shallowephoria.wordpress.com

  9. Neen says:

    WOW a new job ! Enjoy ! Getting out of the house and pj’s made me laugh ;)
    I only work 3 days a week and sometimes I do wonder if I will ever go back to full time work as I cherish my days at home in the garden, moving furniture and generally faffing about. Not to mention being a taxi service for the teenagers.
    Hoping you will keep on blogging I luuuuurve coming here for drippy white painted furniture, beach/vintage styling, beach photos and clothes/shoes ideas.Life banter is awesome too :)
    Feel the fear Sarah and good luck xx Neen xx