Mon 9th, May, 2016

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Hello beach cottage friends.  Monday morning here, I am sitting up in bed with my second cup of tea, the French doors and windows on the other side are open and it’s just so lovely and cool and fresh.  The days, at last, are feeling more Winter-y (for Sydney).  Barls has jumped up on the bed and is quite collapsed, sometimes he snores….he’s had a sore patch on his leg, and has had to have cream and a bandage for the last few days.  He does get so morose when he’s under the weather, he’s been pitter pattering around with ears down, big sad brown eyes and flopping from one sofa, to a chair, to someone’s lap, to his little house and then back to another sofa again.


Here I have been gardening, thrifting, reading and walking a lot.  The muffin is still keeping its distance, which is, at this stage of life, nothing short of a miracle.  The garden is coming along, I cleared a massive bed and have started a herb garden (thyme, parsley, sage, marjoram, lavender and rosemary to start) and I have a few packets of cottage garden seeds to sow this week.

In thrifting I have had some truly amazing scores…to be quite frank, I haven’t thrifted for a long, long time before now…I got really under-whelmed with it…rather than treasure hunting like the old days I got a bit disillusioned by the op-shops, their ridiculous pricing (in many of them it’s better value at the mall) and their rules and regulations (I got turned away with a book collection after taking a special trip because they ‘don’t take books).  However a good friend of mine who is a treasure hunting queen got me back into it.  I’ve found some really lovely bits and pieces, to note, a round teak table and six chairs for the corner of the back garden…it has just the right amount of weathering but is solid and lovely…it’s sitting under the huge old frangipani tree, slotted in by the brick wall at the back, just enough shade and sun…I popped little solar lanterns through the frangipani tree and they come on at night and the whole area has gone from a nothing space to a pretty little spot for a book, a cup of tea, some studying, the weekend papers…

Since I decided a few months ago to take some time off, life has slipped into a lovely pattern for me.  It’s been a long time since I haven’t been working, or renovating, studying of some sort, moving to the other side of the world, or you know, parenting three kiddos or indeed just thinking about any of those things, but this last few weeks everything seems to have settled…I think it’s the house too, we love it here, I love this house….it’s imperfect and all a bit higgedly piggedly, there are lots of unfinished things, the garage is piled high, high, with unfinished things too, some parts are a mess and need help and the garden needs love, the roof needs replacing…but, I don’t know, I finally feel really settled in this little town by the sea…not that I didn’t before…just here with the old floorboards, the sound of the ocean coming up the hill, the lovely old front door, the french windows with their old latches, the frangipanis, the high ceilings and beams…it just all seems to be…so me.


In the mornings, (when not sitting in bed drinking tea), Barley and I have been walking the neighbourhood to get coffee and a bun, looking at houses and trees and nature, saying hello here and there…it’s truly amazing how having a dog makes people stop, smile and chat…we sit at the coffee shop, looking out, watching the world go by, people doing their thing, with the paper and a coffee, Barls at my feet, old ladies, tradies, little toddling bubs all stop by for Barls…not for me ;)

In the house the grey carpet is here, as a non carpet loving person it’s much nicer than I had hoped, the guys who laid it were so sweet and remarked on how glorious the wool was compared to some of the stuff they work with, oh yes, they’re right, the wool is so divine underfoot.  We have a pile of vintage mirrors and some old, grey weathered oars to go up in there still, once that’s done hopefully I can show you the room.

Our room is next and we have started on the floor, it required a bit of a plan of attack because of the logistics of the doors and the furniture and the preparation (man I hate prep) but finally it’s getting done…hello white concrete floor paint, I am thinking I might love you.  I was so close to going a dove grey on the floor, so glad I didn’t.  Once it’s all finished am hunting for a large, chunkily woven jute rug and a little white fireplace.

Well, I had better go – going to pop the coffee on, get some painting clothes on and start on the next layer on the floor…

Thanks for visiting friends :)

Sarah x


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5 Responses to “Cooler”

  1. Danielle says:

    Oh poor Barls, I hope he is feeling better asap. Sounds lovely that you are taking time to potter, do a bit of renovating and just ‘being’. We can get so caught up in the rush of our lives, it is important to take time out every now and then. Enjoy your autumnal (for Sydney) weather, from a warm 25 C London ;)

  2. Mandy meza says:

    When I moved to America I rescued a wee bichon dog and it was lovely that people used to stop and talk to the dog then me..lol…I made so many friends and got a job through having a dog,I’ve since moved but have
    kept these friends and my dog Riley is 11 years young and still has people talking to us…x

  3. merilyn says:

    looking gorgeous sarah!
    barls is ever the adorable! sorry he has a sore leg!:(
    glad you are taking time to smell the whatevers hun!
    much love m:)X

  4. Alison says:

    Loved hearing about your thrifting. I’ve had a really big break from it too but in the last couple of months I’ve come across some interesting things and bought them.

  5. Hi Sarah,

    been such a long time since I’ve been browsing your pages, but somehow tonight I needed a bit of your lovely comfortable space. Life has been a bit busy, perhaps too busy. ;) Your space and home is looking gorgeous as always. Hugs from Denmark.