a nice deep tub

Fri 29th, Apr, 2016

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It’s bath season, not that there is ever a non-bath season for me.  If you’re debating a slipper tub, trust me, get a slipper, it’s just divine for soaking and reading and drinking and reading.  You can fill it up right to your neck with hot water and bubbles but still be kinda lounging.  It’s like the sofa version of a bath.  I’m not sure where this one came from because I couldn’t have the one I wanted because there is a piece of concrete under the floor which changed pretty much everything in the bathroom and I just had to go with what fit where.  After a very, very long afternoon with the tap man (bless his heart), I decided to trust him and go with this one which was unseen (and more importantly had not been tried on), but knowing his baths, he assured me it would be awesome.  I don’t adore her feet, but he’s right, she is.

Next step is trying to work out how I can get a Rayburn up a flight of sandstone stairs.

See you next time.










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5 Responses to “a nice deep tub”

  1. Dani says:

    If you don`t like her feet, maybe you can paint them with chalk paint. That ist always my solution if I like the shape, but not the colour. Or something is to glossy.
    But it looks wonderful and I love the beachy and clean vibe of your bath and entire house.
    Now, of I go to clean our house, do laundry and lunch for a hoard of hungry teenagers;-)
    xoxo from from cold but at least sunny Switzerland

  2. Cathy says:

    Lovely tub! I have a new tub too and it was hooked up yesterday; I’m ready to try it out. I did notice that your tub caddy hooks (white) are in upside down. Flip them over and it will not fall off and chip your new tub. They will slide right out. Also where is the wine glass? Enjoy

  3. merilyn says:

    it looks the business hun!
    lucky he knew what was what!!!
    love those tiles on the floor too! completes the whole look!
    you will take to the feet when the inspiration takes over!
    love those roses!
    much love m:)X

  4. Jane says:

    I like the tub feet – bath jewellery

  5. shar y says:

    That is a beautiful tub and also love the fixtures. I am sure you will enjoy that many times over. Just love what you do!!