Wed 24th, Feb, 2016

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beach cottage casual fashion wearing what I wore

Afternoon, morning, or evening beach cottage friends wherever you are in the world.

Another day another uniform, more things I grab as a stay at home mum/work at home mum… designed to throw on and not think about but look passable when out of the house – for me it’s all about day wear pieces in quality fabrics.  I love items cut with, well, you know, the real woman in mind, to flatter the body when one is no longer 25…so, this is a look that works for me… thin, soft, floaty cotton shirts with buttons to the front (do it up when the muffin is playing up, or let it all hang loose), a great cover up that can take you from the supermarket to the beach, all the while keeping your tuck shops to themselves.

This is the kind of clothing I love to wear at this stage of life, semi floaty, comfy but not in that gypsy-on-the-beach thing that is all over the place, still casual but not….ehum…tent like…am not keen on looking like a walking bohemian teepee.

I need practical, feel good clothes, things than I can throw on in the morning for the school run, work in in the home office, dress up if needs be with a pair of ballets, a blazer, a few bangles and a good spray of something nice and, importantly, for my lifestyle here in Sydney, something that can take me from sofa, to the beach, out for a coffee and back to the sofa again.

And I’ve come to realise I always need a good layer…there needs to be something holding things in about my person…not quite at the corset stage but a well cut tank does loads for how I feel…layering, as the weather (hopefully) gets cooler I’ll throw a boyfriend (though in my day it was called grandad) cardigan over the top and cooler still throw on some skinnies or let it all hang loose jeans…while we are talking about what is covering the legs, let’s mention the shorts…you know what my legs are not what they once were (not that I realised that at that point that they were better than they are now) and there’s a little part of me that’s thinking shorts will swiftly be making an exit from my wardrobe…this would be worrying as I pretty much wear them every day in the summer here…so I double checked with myself and thought you know what, **** it, I’m comfy in shorts and my legs aren’t going anywhere (hopefully) anytime soon…so I’m wearing my shorts with the abandon of one of those gypsies on the beach (only I’ll be in the supermarket lugging bags of shopping)…I don’t want the world to see my muffin or my tuck shops but they are going to have to see the legs…

Oh and plimsolls…I love a good plimsoll…comfy and casual and always done very very well by the French and the Italians (be extremely wary of flat-footed copycats).

Oh and top it all off with sunnies to hide your make-up less state, as my friend Ange would say throw on some lipgloss, spray and go…


plaid shirt h&M (from the Divided dept - soft, thin and well cut)
singlet/tank top H&M (love their basics, wash and hold in well)
bangle Tiffany

plimsolls Supergra (creme de la creme of the plimsoll world in my humble very long plimsoll wearing journey)
shorts Banana Republic (cut like a dream, the muffin can be tucked the leg flatters)
perfume Byredo Blanche
		beach cottage casual fashion wearing what I wore
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7 Responses to “Wearing”

  1. Dani says:

    Sara, love your fashion posts for us forty, äh…soon fifty (in my case) somethings;-)))
    For me the most difficult wardrobe question is, what the heck shall I wear at the lake???? You know, the muffin;-)
    How do you handle that??
    xoxo from Switzerland

    • Sarah says:

      oh I hear you…I’m no fashion expert but it seems to work for me by keeping the top fairly loose and definitely not clinging to anything that came by my person by having 3 babies (big whoppers at that) and the bottom more fitted… if it’s going to be hot I don’t think you can go past a t-shirt dress, takes a bit of shopping around to find one that is good enough quality so that it is both roomy but not tent-like if you see what I mean…I have a really nice one cut like a dream from a cheapie shop however it’s just on the too thin edge and so cannot be worn for day really….rather only over swimmers…oh and you can’t go past a good pair of linen trousers though must have either a high waist so muffin can be tucked in or very low worn slung at the bottom….no sitting on the muffin top for me ;)

  2. DeAna says:

    What if you have a muffin AND a busted can of biscuits?

  3. Dani says:

    Thanks for your answer, Sarah. What do you wear for swimming? Bikini or tankini or a one-piece swimsuit? I sea all the time really nice bikinis but never wore them again after two births. Now I`m looking for a tankini or a swimsuit but never fall in love with what I find and it just scares me a little bit;-)

  4. Oh Lovely…can we go shopping together one day??! It’s freaky the similarities happening in our wardrobes! ;))
    I will be googling these plimsoles as soon as I’ve pressed send (never heard of them actually…home under a rock maybe?)and the whole age/leg thing…gahhhh…although I did come to the conclusion the other day that my legs are damn useful, whilst far from perfect they’re not hideous and that I really should be more kind and thankful for them!! And keep squatting like crazy!! ;) xx