corners of white

Thu 25th, Feb, 2016

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a beachcottage coastal beach cottage decor white paint abeachcottage.com

See the lovely Barls sitting up nicely and proud?  That’s how his owner feels about the inside of this cupboard…perhaps I should have taken photos of the inside too…

Do you remember this cupboard?  It’s an old kitchen dresser, I found it in Vinnies and painted it white…it used to house plates, glasses and platters in the breakfast room but in this house it’s in the family room and is now, very nicely organised, and holding an area for gift wrap, sellotape, fancy bags etc., a spot for my lotions and potions after I have double cleansed and am doing the quiche layers while sitting here in the evening, a basket with stuff that has no home (pens, scissors etc), a couple of shelves of books, gosh it even has an empty space for, well, I don’t actually know…what an amazing feeling that is!

The irony is that it took me about 20 mins to do – both to de-clutter and sort and gained me about 400 years in clarity of mind…

I’m powering through the rest of the house which has been in a mess since we moved in…the armoire was next and man was that a good feeling to get that sorted…I really had to apply the ‘do you love it’ and ‘have you used it’ questions to let go of some things but overall it was not too painful…same thing here it was actually relatively quick, though took longer than the one above did but now also has spare space…

Next we are going through the garage and then starting to think about the laundry room – another strange thing with this house, it’s fairly large for a laundry room, but has zero storage, shelves or anything really…which I am here to tell you, with three teenagers around, is not at all a good idea.

I think I may make one of the cupboards in this room big enough for me to get into at night with a glass of beer.



a beachcottage coastal beach cottage decor white paint abeachcottage.com





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4 Responses to “corners of white”

  1. merilyn says:

    funny sarah!
    how cute is the barls!
    yes it looks good and how good are you! clearing!
    maybe that dresser is going into the laundry???
    love m:)X

  2. DeAna says:

    No storage in the laundry? One must shop.
    Shopping Shopping Shopping…

    And more shopping.

  3. Jo says:

    Ooh I have a penchant for these style cupboards. Bought one years ago (when Freshie was called Harbord)at a garage sale for a few bucks. I stripped it back and had the handles dipped in gold by a friend for a carton of beer. Still one of my favourite pieces of furniture. I saw a bigger one last week at Brooky Vinnies for $540! I just love yours in white.

    • Sarah says:

      wow that Vinnies is ridiculous!! they think they are an antique shop….I stopped going there a while ago because of it

      a lucky find for you…love it so much better as Freshie, Harbord just didn’t have quite the same ring :)))