A Corner Needing Changing

Sun 21st, Feb, 2016

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abeachcottage coastal vintage style white living

Good afternoon, it’s very hot here again…humidity is high…if you are cold and chilly on the other side of the world reading this, think of us here in roasting heat thinking about Winter and crisp air.

I’m trying to find a new (or old) chair for here…this obviously is a Swedish Boutique chair…not really a huge fan on the comfort of this range, it’s just never really cut it, even after years of use they just don’t soften up and get comfy enough… hello for the dollars for the white slouchy slip-covered look it’s a no-brainer….however, things change and this needs to be puffier, slouchier and more comfy for us…it has my bones to look after…so far no luck in finding anything that is the look I want and the right size with the right cushions that will be puffy, end of day sinking into heaven.

a beach cottage coastal vintagey style abeachcottage.com blog sydney

I always gets asked how to keep the sofas clean and white especially on social media and so I thought I’d add that here that it’s NEVER ever perfect and I’ve had to get over that…when I first bought this sofa I had little kidlets running around and quickly realised it wasn’t going to be pristine anytime soon….now with three teenagers (a million times worse than any toddler I am here to attest to and yes it does get much harder than the newborn stage), one dog and having seen a lot of family life everything has had and does have marks on it at some point…after many times of removing covers and shoving them in the wash, putting them back on and right away someone eating a chocolate biscuit on them and hence the whole process starting again I quickly came to the compromise that my white sofa would have extra covers here and there which could be easily pulled on and off and into the machine…so I started using lots of layers so that you don’t actually have to take off the whole lot you can just whip off a piece of fabric and then replace with another one…I collect pieces of linen for this (tucked in on the seat here), throws etc (over the back) and on the arms a couple of tasselled mats…so easy to throw in the wash…I mean, these covers may even be used to cover up the sofa when its showing the signs of life and you’ve just realised it was really due for a wash and you have guests arriving in half an hour…this is where one chucks it on and thinks of England.

And with that I am going to go and sit on the sofa…


abeachcottage coastal vintage style white living





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3 Responses to “A Corner Needing Changing”

  1. Clare says:

    Where the lamp shade from please ??

  2. Neen says:

    Oh my, we also have a cream couch and I do the same, I use a swedish boutique cotton blanket folded. It washes up a treat every time !
    Great minds think alike ;) Neen

  3. Yina says:

    I am in love with this decor! Your house is gorgeous.