Beach Cottage Texture

Mon 8th, Feb, 2016

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a beach cottage blog sydney coastal vintage style

Aloha, happy Monday, it’s warm again here (I know I always talk about the weather, it’s the English in me)…I’m not whinging but it’s actually very humid…am sitting in a (white) Summer Room at the laptop looking out at a very beautiful cloudless Aussie blue sky, white vintage brick wall and the lush green of the frangipanis all around.

old vintage furniture for sale sydney abeachcottage

Over the weekend and the last week or so I have been de-cluttering and sorting…to be quite honest behind the cupboard doors, since we moved in, things have been a mess…I always try to keep the main house tidy but the other things had gotten out of control…with no storage whatsoever in this old house there needs to be places for things and things need to be sorted otherwise it quickly gets bad…it was doing my head in…rather than go at it full throttle and end up being in a worse place than when I started (have good experience in this department) I decided to set myself small goals, as in the pot cupboard which is rammed with candles and books and errrr other crapola, the old white kitchen dresser which had become a dumping ground for anything really but was of no use to anyone because it was stuffed in there any old how…also the kitchen cupboards, in particular utensils (who needs so many knives?) and cans etc… all these have all been done (though the kitchen is a work in progress – pics on instagram and snapchat if you want a look).

I also culled, sorted and cleaned the armoire used to store linen (how many white linens does one woman need to stroke?)…this was absolutely packed with linens, quilts, throws and doonas (you know I can’t help myself) but I was ruthless with donating stuff I didn’t absolutely love and have found things I had forgotten I had bought (hello very nice ruffly throw from the US of A which I was for some reason ‘saving’ for something…I had to ask myself why have I been saving this for over a year…..ridiculous!  especially when it was more $$$$ than I will ever care to admit especially the person in the house who will also be sleeping under it).  The armoire is now sorted and tidy and there are sections for each thing…woe betide any hairy teenager who even looks in its direction, let alone opens the door and touches anything.

Next up I have set myself the goal of the armoire in the sitting room…this is a big job and gets really messy really quickly…it’s full, mostly, of overspill from the kitchen and my hoard of vintage kitchen treasures (I just CANNOT walk away from a mixing bowl in an opshop) and plates and things I have collected over the years for styling recipes and things (I am using the styling thing as an excuse to collect china when talking about the subject of buying china with husband).

We then move down and into the laundry room which has literally no storage (I have to wonder how the previous owners lived in this house most of the time)…we are going to put in as many cupboards as we can down there to make up for the lack of storage elsewhere (I was going to have some units built by a carpenter, paint them and go quite traditional/rustic but have rethought this and may just go completely simple and plain, fairly modern white just plain panels…not the shiny ones though).

Anyhooo in decor in conjunction with all this de-cluttering I am still slowly losing the ice cream colours and adding in more greys and neutrals…really into textures at the moment too …I’m loving chunky knits and rustic bits and bobs…

Rightio, ladies of the press, I will see you all soon.  I think I might just have to go and take a picture of the armoire full of linen, to present to any teenager who decides, against their better judgement, to open it and look inside and have a rummage.  I will give them the photograph, will tie them to the armoire leg and not let them go until the armoire is back as it was found.   You’re welcome for my parenting tips.


Sarah xxoxoxoxo

stripe neutral throw : Target   timber worker’s drawers : abeachcottage shop   grey cushion : H&M

a beach cottage blog sydney coastal vintage style

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4 Responses to “Beach Cottage Texture”

  1. Dani says:

    Hi Sarah, there is also a lack of storage in this old chalet here. Last year, 8 years after our reno we invested in storage in the cellar. I`m always trying the mix between practical and beautiful, and also not too expensive;-)
    One room in the cellar we filled from bottom to top with I***r shelves from the swedish boutique and filled them with their clear plastic boxes. This brings so much storage place and everything looks tidy. Especially these ones:
    between to shelves they act like drawers.
    In the laundry I tried to make it also look beautiful. The open shelves are behind a curtain with red/white gingham pattern, looks fresh, clean and nice. All the ugly items like laundry detergent etc. are behind the curtain. Over the sink is an open shelve with nice emaille boxes, also all in white.
    In english magazines I see all the time these beautiful mudrooms with custom made furniture, so beautiful, but too expensive for me. So I try to create this look in my budget friendly version.

    Do you have some interesting organizing sites to share with us?

    Greetings from Switzerland

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Dani

      thanks for your comment…I could do something similar under the house….

      i will take on board your ideas for the laundry. thanks!

  2. priscilla says:

    very nice like the colors the textures it all flows very nicely:)

  3. Debbie says:

    The best book on decluttering I have read!
    Author Marie Kondo
    the life changing magic of tidying up