beach cottage temporary kitchen

Mon 1st, Feb, 2016

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Hello and happy Monday beach cottage people from Sydney – high humidity Sydney…wowza it’s been sticky and warm here for the last week or so…and finally we have succumbed to getting air conditioning, fans were just not cutting it in this new (old) house especially in our bedroom which pretty much gets the sun all day and seems to heat up and then…stay hot…like all night hot…it’s getting to the point where I can’t take another night of it…am hallucinating about Winter and zee wearing of zee boots from USA (to be quite honest though in comfort of own home have been wearing said boots with shorts pjs while doing cleaning).

I’ve been for a lovely coffee this morning at a local beach with two girlfriends – we had a couple of hours of off-loading and chatting…we all have similar age kiddos, similar lives, similar problems and it was lovely to just sit and listen and talk.  After that I headed to a local Indian shop and stocked up on lots of authentic curry pastes, a huge drum of curry powder for a ridiculous price compared to the teeny ones you buy in the supermarket and bought some frozen roti and naan breads….guess what we are having for dinner tonight?  That would be curry. haha.

We have done a lot of painting over the last few weeks (you’re surprised aren’t you) and have, I think, broken the back of this first part of the reno hopefully, as now we have the back hallway and the last one of the kids’ bedrooms finished (the one with the vintage wall – it’s looking good in white).  I’ll show you the wall and the hallway soon – I’m still shocked as to the power of white paint, which after doing up 5 houses with the stuff you would think I would have gotten used to by now.

But there are still things to finish in this house before we even think about starting the next part of the reno (seems like the story of my life)…the temporary kitchen  is still not finished even though it’s temporary, which in itself is a tad on the ironic side but it’s looking a heck of a lot better than when we moved in a year ago when there were cockroaches running up and down these walls at night, the oven was condemned because it was a cockroach nest and ditto the dishwasher…oh those were fun days….I was recently thinking we’ve got sooooooo much still to do and then I looked around and remembered the kitchen that night we moved in..we had been on the go all day and someone (no idea who but it wasn’t me) had finally gone out to get a take away (it was before the gas leak episode that happened just before we went to bed) and we had not noticed the cockroaches as we’d not been sitting around in the kitchen lol (even on the day of the move the previous owner stuffed us around – he had 15 cheques because he owed money left right and centre meaning we had had to wait hours and hours for the money to get to the right places hence the reason we weren’t even thinking about eating until very late).. .and man was it horrific when we all finally perched on boxes and a few ad-hoc chairs in the middle sitting room and looked up to see the walls running alive with cockroaches and not even the Australian summer ones, no the dreaded little German things…..ahhhhhhhh, will never forget that….yuck!


Since then we’ve put in this temporary kitchen which consists of stand-alone units which we had made (I won’t be sharing the company as we had a dreadful service from them) and painted white (big job) , mr bc tiled the wall with white subway tiles and he also put under cupboard lighting in, we are still yet to seal the units to the wall…we painted the floor (not finished as the milk paint I used wasn’t easy and did NOT do what it said on the can…so looking for a new solution to that) and had 4 pendant lights put in…the 3 here and then another one over the table.  I had not thought about the one over the table and the height of the ceilings properly though – in my head the light came down over the table….errrr yes that’s if the rod holding the pendant is long and is designed for an old house with high ceilings…the pendant light I bought was not….hey ho one lives and learns.

I also painted the top of the round table – for two reasons, firstly I have gone off natural wood and timber and am slowly painting all those bits white (apart from the vintage trunk and dining table top) and secondly, unpainted the table could not be wiped down with spray very easily and we use this table ALL the time and so I wanted to be able to clean and disinfect it (so painted with aqua-enamel which is wipe clean).

I’m pleased with how the table turned out – it’s much more me than the natural timber was…

Anyhooo, that’s it from me for now – I am going to unpack some basket pendant lights, de-clutter the linen in the armoire because this needs to be moved and the bedroom floor paint job started (been putting this off for 6 months probably more), clean the kitchen and bathrooms, make a curry and if I have time pop to the fruit and veg market.

See you anon.






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10 Responses to “beach cottage temporary kitchen”

  1. Did you say basket pendants???!? My current obsession. Please do share ;)) And your kitchen is looking just lovely!! You’re doing a fab job! xx

  2. merilyn says:

    you need a medal sarah!
    it’s all looking ab/fab darling!;))
    the stand alone cooker looks great!
    white it is! with touches of charcoal!
    my bedside tables look good but I didn’t sand them before hand as too impatient that day!!! and now just knock them and they shed bits! … hey ho learning curves! I was being lazy! that will teach me! perhaps!;
    much love m:)X

  3. susan says:

    charcoal porch paint on that floor. looks amazing and wears forever.

  4. Hi Sarah,

    I love white kitchens. I believe they are timeless classics and white will not lose its appeal after a while.

    Are you planning to stay on white color for the “permanent” kitchen later on as well?


  5. Elle says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Where are the white pendant lights from – they are awesome!

    Love your work,

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, a year’s gone by already!

  7. Mog says:

    Pretty spiffy for a temporary kitchen. To die for stove, farmhouse sink, lovely style of cabinets, all beautifully styled.

  8. DeAna says:

    I have loved white kitchens since before I was old enough to realize I had a thing for white.
    During the long cold Idaho winters you need a little something to warm them up, but otherwise, white is for me.
    Now, how to get the hubby on board…