beach cottage white shutters

Thu 21st, Jan, 2016

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white shutters

Well hellooooo Beach Cottage friends, we have for you, ladies and gentleman of the internets, a pair of shutters painted in zee strong white.

So this is what I have been doing, running around painting things which don’t move with white while it’s roasting in Sydney, but luckily today it’s also breezy, whereas yesterday it was much more still and humid.

I had a lovely night last night, went to the city on the ferry past the Opera House and Harbour Bridge (video on snapchat, it was sooooooo pretty with all the lights) and had a very nice evening with girlfriends…I’ve known these girls for a long time now but we only catch up now and then…so nice to chat and get some girl therapy…

This morning, I have been tidying up the bedroom…to be honest there is still lots to be done here and I am still not feeling it with the way the furniture goes…there are four things we have to work around which are proving to be a pain in the proverbial backside – door to ensuite, door out of bedroom into hallway, triple window and French doors onto balcony…since we’ve had the ensuite installed we’ve now, at least, found a home which works for the bed… talking of the ensuite, I must get some pics done but basically it’s super skinny (unlike owner) and errrrrr pretty much white and not a lot else save a high up window which was also a pain because to move it we needed planning permission.

The problem with this whole house is storage….it’s actually driving me around the bend…I find myself constantly ‘tidying’ and sorting, I don’t know maybe I just have too many pairs of shoes, soft furnishings, books, boots (latest pair from Ireland on my Lust List are becoming more and more needed as Winter approaches – that’s my excuse haha) , vintage china and rugs…yes I definitely have too many rugs…

We still have so much to do in this house, it’s been very slow to us who’ve been living in it but then, when you look at the humungous changes in one year, we’ve done heaps….my bones are testimony to the fact that we’ve not stopped…and in and among it all life with three kiddos, one of which worked through the chaos at times in the house whilst doing the HSC and graduated school this year with an amazing result and worked very hard to get it…all so pleased  (v v proud mum).

Anyway, I am going to sort out a cupboard (life in the fast lane), am going to paint the kitchen table and then I am heading down to the beach to meet mr bc from the ferry – he has picked up a new book for me while he was in the city this afternoon and I cannot wait to read it….

I guess it’s time to start getting back to a regular routine around here, not quite ready for the end of the summer holidays yet but it’s coming…it’s been a good one this year – new books, long baths, cups of tea and internet stalking Irish boots.

See you soon.


p.s. pics from my phone, my big girl’s camera is getting used less and less nowadays (shame) but have seen that handbag cameras have come on heaps so I’m thinking of investing…

p.p.s. few new pics in the abeachcottage shop on the way

white shutters

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6 Responses to “beach cottage white shutters”

  1. Shutters look fab! And yes…I’m finding big girl camera to be a bit of a pain in the butt really. I’m taking the lazy way out and upgrading phone! ;)

  2. Neen says:

    Luuuurve the shutters painted shabby white, drippy and in your best painting clothes ;) one wonders ……hehehe.
    Congrats on the HSC result, it’s a big journey for the whole family. We survived it too this year, very proud here. About to start with the next one on the 2 year journey as well as travelling hours for his soccer passion.
    We have a very narrow ensuite, but hey, it works for us. No grandeur for our happiness in this little renovators delight Victorian cottage. Have a lovely day Sarah :) Neen

  3. merilyn says:

    looking tres chic and very French to me sarah!
    I would be reluctant to part with those!
    fantastic about your kiddo passing with good results!
    she/he must have been working very hard! well done!
    our weather here feels like queensland today!
    it’s all go here as we’ve had the tour down under go through our village today! and a full on boaties week with a classic race on sunday!
    much love m:)X

    much love m:)X

    • Sarah says:

      thanks merilyn, yep it was a load of hard work and stressful but so happy with a fantastic result! xoxooxoxoxox

  4. Dani says:

    Dear Sarah, sounds like a wonderful day. And the shutters look superb:-)
    In Switzerland we have beautiful weather today, snow at least and the ski resort would be near, but I have quite a lot to do, like marmelade cooking (still have fruits from the garden in the freezer), baking for hungry teenagers, cleaning, laundry and prepping for guests tonight (Raclette with gorgeous Swiss cheese). Better I continue working, hehe….
    What kind of book ist mr bc bringing?
    xoxo from freezing cold Switzerland