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Wed 27th, Jan, 2016

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a beach cottage coastal vintage goods sydney abeachcottage.com

Beach Cottage ladies I thought you might like to see the latest paint job, no longer do things call at me with paint me white, but more paint me grey and goodness this one was paint me charcoal…

While I was painting this chair (not a quick job, reminds me why do not paint chairs) one of my kiddos walked past and commented that it was the first time they had ever seen me paint something anything other than white or a shade thereof. I thought about it for a second and thought to myself, yup, true that.

Anyhooooo, ages and ages ago when I was in the Frenchy shop with the miserable owner (if you have been reading here for a while you will remember her) in a fit of Paris French Charcoal Greyness I bought some v dark grey paint…and there it sat…for years…it survived many de-clutters and, indeed, a house move….but when this old vintage chair came into my possession I did feel the need to pop it a bit darker…maybe it’s the lines?

original coastal decor beach abeachcottage.com decorating furniture


I am having a bit of a change here, in the colour and decor department…I feel a move away from blues and ice-cream-y colours and am eyeballing every single thing that is timber or wood colour in this house and thinking its days are numbered and it will soon be either white or grey….I’ve been pinning and drawn to that whole scandi look whereby EVERYTHING is white save the odd thing which is….errrr….black.  Not that kinda monochrome thing though with the noughts and crosses in black and chevrons….more, actually not really sure, just a few pops of dark stuff.

So watch this space…I informed husband of intentions to accent decor with grey and though have been v v good at the lusting over things on the internet in the Decor Department told him may have to purchase linen cushion cover in grey….he proceeded to open the armoire (heaving with linens) and pulled out linens in all different hues of grey…marched to one of offspring’s bedrooms and came back with a charcoal cushion.

For once in my life I shut up.

Not just because of the stash of grey linens, but because in back of head remembered the small acquisition of a timber vintage rowing boat from the BoatShed Man whom I secretly met last week and decided that to get that one in the house I had better not push it on the grey linens.

And so I smiled and went to get in the bath.

See you next time.


p.s. new collection in the shop – go here for more… lovely locals asking if we hire for weddings….yes indeedy xxx

a beach cottage coastal vintage goods sydney abeachcottage.com

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6 Responses to “beach cottage does charcoal yes really”

  1. Jo says:

    While I love white, and Love looking at all the pics online showing white rooms I absolutely could not live without color. I love the charcoal chair. I think just that much color makes a lot of difference.

  2. Where I live we have plenty of grey in the skies so I avoid using it in my decor. I love your whites but would love to see a few watercolour swishes of colour, too. Or, maybe that’s what I want in my house…

    Good strategy on the boat acquisition.

  3. Vicki says:

    I am looking forward to the upcoming story of how you get the boat to the house,and inside it. I will be listening and learning!

  4. merilyn says:

    looks good sarah!
    I have charcoal cushions on the white loose covered lounge and some pops elsewhere! I love the scandi look too!
    good move on holding the tongue hun!;))