A Real Beach Cottage Christmas

Mon 7th, Dec, 2015

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a beach cottage christmas tree undressed

Aloha, happy Monday from the beaches beach cottage friends.

Well we’ve had a lovely weekend – we celebrated an anniversary yesterday for our arrival in Australia and a new life Down Under.  We celebrated by going for a very nice pub lunch in an old Sydney pub and then by doing the Harbour Bridge climb.  It was amazing.  If you are heading to Sydney for the holidays over the Summer or you are a Sydney-sider and have never gotten around to doing it, then I highly recommend it – we thought it was really good, a great way to do something special and really made us appreciate, even more (if that’s possible) what a wonderful city this is to live in.  Thanks for having us Australia.

Right.  Trees.  This is our fresh tree.  I really really really hope she stays fresh and happy like this..

abeachcottage christmas tree

I saw on the way home from the shop the other day that the fresh Christmas trees were in – it’s normally around the 5th of December when they hit the beaches so I had my eye open for their arrival…when I saw them all lined up from the other side of the road, I chucked a swift U-ie and pulled into the car park…there aren’t many fresh trees on the beaches, so I’ve learnt to stalk and pounce (a bit like any kind of retail shopping in Australia really, once it’s gone it REALLY is gone).

Unusually for me this was the first one the Christmas Tree Shop Man pulled out to show me, I had spied her shape as I walked up from the car and thought I don’t think I will be able to beat that….and I don’t think I could.

If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that I love the tree like this, nice and naked ….however my kiddos who aren’t so little any more, are having none of it….I dunno, I have plenty of time in the years to come to swoon over a tree with nothing on it…for now they get to choose…like overly styled children’s rooms a naked tree is all very well and good, most pleasing to the eye, pretty to Pinterest the heck out of, but, ummm yeah, I’m not going to bestow that on my family, they want glitter and baubles and shiny things….

beach cottage coastal christmas tree

So we’ll have to wait and see what happens to this tree when we get going on it in the next few days – maybe I could pretend we’ve been burgled and all the Christmas baubles and sparkly tree things have been stolen ;)

See you soon.


p.s a few things going up in the shop in the next few days and just about to list a very very very nice old trunk xoxo

a beach cottage christmas tree undressed


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4 Responses to “A Real Beach Cottage Christmas”

  1. Vicki says:

    If you had a cat or three, you would not have baubles on your tree for very long. But your floor would be very festive! Oh and I love seeing your boots in the pictures. I imagine them clomping around from room to room in your house at night while you sleep. Never know where they’ll end up, but they always find the perfect spot for their portrait.

  2. Ashley says:

    How did you get your tree to stand in that little pot? I am trying to use a crock for my tree but it’s not very stable…

  3. janita says:

    I’m with you one year I wanted just lights on the tree no ornaments…It seemed very peaceful to me. The children would have nothing to do with that and would not rest until it was decorated with ornaments.

    She seems perfect to me in her little white pot. Janita

  4. merilyn says:

    congratulations sarah!
    you are the best advocate for Australia!
    you love it more than most Australians!
    I guess we take stuff for granted even though I try not to!
    what a gorgeous shaped tree! I agree, you couldn’t have done any better!
    love m:)X