a pretty beach cottage table

Tue 1st, Dec, 2015

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a beach cottage table coastal vintage style sydney

Hellooo beach cottage ladies, a few pics from our Thanksgiving table at the weekend.

a beach cottage flowers

I went very simple for this as we were seating quite a few and I was a bit concerned for space (see how packed in the chairs are) and wanted to keep the actual stuff on the table to a minimum…we (myself and the littlest of the BC Crew) laid this table quickly with white china and white napkins…we had our main table in here and to the end added two smaller tables for one long trestle affair…it was quite tight lol…I used old curtains for the tablecloths (quite like using these as they are very thick and give a nice feel to it).

a beach cottage table coastal style sydney

I had ideas of bringing things in from the garden for this, however with a distinct lack of apples or any kind of produce (not many pumpkins in my garden ha) I scouted around to see what I could find and came in with a few bunches of hydrangea and some flowering parsley…these went in the middle of the table in old mason jars…

We also just lit candles here and there, sat outside for nibbles and cheese first and then into here for the dinner, where we all went around the table with what we were grateful for, then some singsongs (who knew American Pie had so many verses) and finished off at about 1.30am very full and happy…our first thanksgiving was very enjoyable…here’s to next year.


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shop logo beach cottage coastal vintage

a beach cottage table coastal vintage style sydney



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3 Responses to “a pretty beach cottage table”

  1. twexploits says:

    Celebrating thanks is a wonderful thing no matter where you live! In Canada our Thanksgiving is in October. Today, we celebrate the start of Advent with a family dinner. Here’s to celebrating the joys of the season!

  2. Mandy meza says:

    Love the simplicity of your table…x